How to style chairs with your industrial dining table

Rustic industrial dining table with bench

An industrial dining table is the focal point of your dining room furniture. A natural reclaimed wood table-top sits atop a metal frame to create a beautiful contrast between rustic wood and modern industrial style. So what chairs will match? Before deciding on the chair you really need to work out how much space you have in your room, you don't want heavy cumbersome chairs in a small room as it will look too cluttered. You also need to make sure you can move around the table freely and it's worth checking if they will tuck under the table fully if you need the space when you are not dining. 

There are several styles of seating to choose from, here we will have a look at a few suitable options.

Faux leather dining chairs with industrial legs

Grey faux leather dining chairs with industrial table

Photo: Cleo Faux Leather Dining Chairs with Rocco Industrial Rustic Oak Dining Table 

This option would keep the industrial theme going, but you can choose from a whole range of seat styles depending on your preference and room size. From an elegant thin metal leg to a more chunky industrial dining chair, with or without armrests. A big plus is that faux leather is environmentally conscious and the quality is so good nowadays they are often completely indistinguishable from a real leather dining chair.....apart from the cost of course! A faux leather dining bench is also a good option, especially if you need people to squeeze up a bit from time to time, to make an extra bit of room around the table. Another huge plus with faux leather chairs is that they are wipe clean - perfect for wiping off any spillages or of course, little sticky fingerprints.

Make room for more with dining benches

Industrial dining table and matching bench with black steel legs

Photo: Industrial Lansdowne Rustic Wood Bench and Extending Dining Table

Dining benches have come a long way since the medieval days! They are as popular in traditional farmhouse style kitchens as they are in elegant and sleek dining rooms. A reclaimed wood dining bench with industrial legs will always be a perfect match for an industrial dining table, add a cushion or two and a small throw and it will look like something straight out of a designer magazine. If you choose a dining bench with no back it will also make your dining area appear bigger as there is no back of the chairs breaking the space up. As mentioned above they are also a great way to squeeze a few extra guests around the table.

Add some contrast to the industrial look

Upholstered dining chairs with reclaimed wood dining table

Photo: Celine Stone Grey Fabric Dining Chairs with Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Industrial style does not have to mean thick black chunky legs it can also be a gorgeous elegant take on "industrial style". Team sumptuously upholstered dining chairs up with your industrial or reclaimed wood dining table to really glam up your dining space and give it some contrast. Choose a bold velvet to add a pop of colour and brighten the space, such as purple, red, blue or green. If you prefer something more formal stick to neutrals like cream, taupe or a soft grey. And of course, always consider who is most likely to be sitting on the seats before buying. Fabric chairs may not be the best choice if you have toddlers around but if you have dinner parties with older guests, and like to sit at the table throughout the evening, an upholstered chair would be a very comfortable choice.

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