How to bring the coffee shop look to your breakfast bar

Upholstered Bar Stools

Bembridge Rattan Bar Stool at breakfast bar

For any busy home, the breakfast bar is an ideal addition to the kitchen.

It can be a small piece of informal eating and socialising space that can develop ‘by chance’ with the addition of a stool and a small amount of worktop space. Or, as in most cases, the breakfast bar is a planned addition to the kitchen.

As functional as it is, as you would expect this form of seating is not devoid of style. From the industrial style furniture found in loft-living type spaces to the farmhouse kitchen, there is a style, look and appeal of the breakfast bar that will suit your kitchen.

So how do you turn your breakfast bar into something with a little more elegance and finesse?

Decide on Your Style

Lowry Brunel Industrial Bar Stools

The breakfast bar complete with stools or high-backed chair needs to sit well within your current kitchen set up.

The aspect of any breakfast bar that turns it from the ordinary to the extraordinary are the stools that accompany it.

The Industrial Style

    Industrial furniture is best suited to the industrial styled kitchen. Defined as where metals meet exposed brick with a hint of rough wood, the industrial look is a great choice. Clean and minimal in appearance, it doesn’t lack warmth.

    For the industrial breakfast bar look, consider bar stools with metal legs but opt for upholstered seating. The industrial look barstool, for example, is the ideal choice with the neutral upholstery ‘fitting’ with any kitchen design.

    The Farmhouse Look

      tall light oak stool

      Characterised by the use of wood, usually in its raw form for the rustic appeal or more refined for the farmhouse look, a pair of tall light oak bar stools fit the bill.

      With a myriad of uses, these stools will be in the family home for years.

      The Modern Look

        Pair of White Seat Bar Chair

        The sleekness of the modern kitchen is to be admired, which is why you don’t want the breakfast bar stools to detract from the overall appearance of your kitchen.

        These white breakfast bar stools are ideal, with the colour adding freshness to a kitchen as well as being practical to wipe clean sticky finger marks.

        Stool or Chair?

        You may have always stayed away from installing a breakfast bar assuming that perching for any length of time on a stool would be uncomfortable.

        If you don’t want stools, there are a range of high-backed chairs that work well with many breakfast bar styles and user needs.

        These rattan bar stools are ideal for morning, lunch and dinner at your coffee bar. Likewise, these upholstered breakfast bar chairs also have a winged side to them that makes them far more supportive to the lower back.

        Luxe Daisy Upholstered Bar Stoo

        These upholstered bar chairs, complete with neutral shades of fabric, will look great in any kitchen or informal dining area but if you are concerned about the wear and tear in upholstery, then why not add the practicality and the luxury of leather breakfast stools?

        parker harris tweed and leather bar stool

        A breakfast coffee bar as an informal space is perfect in any home. How will you dress yours?