How to position the desk for success

Barclay Reclaimed Wood Desk with Chair

Reclaimed Wood Desk

Whilst some of us find the fluttering of garden birds an inspiration, some of us find the sun pouring the window, the birds, the noise, the whole garden and the view a distraction.

And distractions, when you are sat at your desk, is not a good thing. You need to be able to quickly settle into work, focus on what you need to because when that happens, success ensues.

So where is the right place to put your desk that equals success?

At an Angle

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk

Is there something in you that likes to be able to see into other rooms or still want to feel part of what’s happening? If you do, then experts suggest placing your writing desk at an angle.

You occupy the corner of the room, but have visual access across a wide arc of 270°, perfect if you don’t like the idea of being snuck up on.

Against the back of the sofa

Colonial Reclaimed Wood Desk

If you work in a large room or have a reclaimed wood desk in the lounge for the occasional piece of office work, then an ideal solution is to place the back of the desk against the back of the sofa.

Works well when the sofa and desk are of the same length or if the desk is smaller, place it in the centre portion of the sofa. If you are doing this, make a statement with a desk similar to this reclaimed wood Colonial writing desk. There is something very grand and inspiring about the solidity of its design.

In the bay window

Man on Reclaimed Wood Desk

If you are blessed with bay windows you will understand what a blessing and a curse they can be – oodles of natural light but a not-quite-big-enough-space to use when it comes to furniture.Weathered Oak Foldaway Desk

We have the solution in our reclaimed furniture range in the shape of a bijou desk, complete with foldaway writing platform.

A work bank against the wall

Barclay Reclaimed Wood Desk

For some of us, distractions need to be at a minimum and the only real solution is to remove as many distractions as you can. If working against the wall sounds a great idea to you, then forge ahead. Make it look superb by creating a straight line working bank, complete with a customised Oldman desk, cupboards and your favourite leather office chair. Wooden shelving also works great at head height for storing essential work items.

In the corner

Black Iron Office Desk with Chair

An alternative to a straight working ‘bank’ is to position yourself in a corner, again utilising the space above you for wooden shelving so that you have clear working space on a small computer desk, the ideal fit for the corner.

A study nook

Another trend that we think works well is the study nook, a bijou space that is a bespoke adaption to your home. If you don’t mind being shoe horned into a titchy space, this is the ideal solution but from the examples of study nooks we have seen so far, they look fairly sumptuous and grand.

Key to success is choosing the right home office furniture as much as it is about where to put your desk. But as a matter of interest, where do you have your desk?

Woman on Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk