Spend a lazy day in your reading nook

Rustica Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

rattan armchair with rattan coffee table

National Lazy Day is just around the corner. You can spend August 10th, 2017 doing exactly want you want – unplug, unwind and enjoy a lazy day. Being lazy is about relaxing, and not necessarily doing anything that you don’t really want or need to. So, what is your favourite way to relax?

We took a straw poll of our team and it seems that the perfect lazy day for us to curl up with a good book. Or two. Or three.

But we think there is one more element that adds to a lazy day of reading and day-dreaming – your very own reading nook.

But Why a Reading Nook?

woman reading in reading nook

Reading and being ‘lazy’ is about relaxing, unwinding and unplugging from busy work and social lives. Reading is a chance to escape, to exercise a part of your creative brain that doesn’t get flexed enough when days are busy. And your very own reading nook is a warm, cosy space where you stop your world from spinning so fast, for a while at least.

Styling Your Reading Nook

Grey Studded Adele Armchair

It can be the smallest of places, like under the stairs or a space in the loft that is dressed with a comfy armchair (look at the stud work!) and a wool rug, complete with super-soft cushions, a blanket box and a throw for when the rain is hammering at the window.

You only need the smallest of spaces to convert into a reading nook and providing the lighting is good, you really can set up home anywhere.

The What

And now comes the exciting bit – the bit where you get to create your very own personal reading nook. Think of no one else but what you like!

But what is essential in a reading nook?

  • Lighting – from the loft to under the stairs, to a delightful space in the corner of a room, it needs to have good lighting. Choose soft lighting, but one that illuminates your book or e-reader, such as an elegant metal arc lamp. For extra light in a space, consider adding a mirror.

Metal Arc Ravland Floor Lamp

  • The seating – next on the list is the comfy armchair you are going to curl up in. fabric armchairs are a great idea, as are sumptuous leather armchairs (too big? Take a look at a smaller fabric armchair) Style and comfort do go hand in hand but when it comes to colour, the choice is entirely yours, from a modern armchair to something more old-school. Don’t forget some lovely cushions and throws.
  • The coffee table – for mugs of steaming coffee or a cocktail, the ideal surface is a wood coffee table. For storing your books, consider a coffee table with storage such as a drawer or shelving. And don’t forget rustic wood shelves for super stylish storage solutions. We also love the romance of a wooden blanket box, the ideal place to store extra throws for when you need an extra layer or two.

Rustica Drawer Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

  • Rugs – to bring the whole space together, you need a third item besides your armchair and coffee table. And this comes in the shape of wool rugs. Use a rug to add colour, as well as warmth and texture to your space (and a cosy feel beneath your feet!).

Go on tell us, will you spend National Lazy day on August 10th relaxing? Or will you be too busy creating your very own relaxing reading nook?