How to scandi style dining room with oak

Kielder Oak Sideboard

Characterised by simple lines and an unfussy appeal, it is no wonder that so many of us turn to the Scandinavian style. And for the dining room, it is the perfect style that easily morphs from the informal to the formal.

Why the Scandi-style dining room works

Think purity, think non-fuss, clean and simple and you have the crux of the Scandi style. Styling it doesn’t have to be difficult either. Against a backdrop of crisp white walls, you can create a Scandi styled canvas to your dining room.

Or if white feels too blunt, opt for a very, very light grey or a warm white. Colour is added with furniture and accessories, with no colour should be too harsh or contrived.

So how do you create a Scandi styled dining room? Here are three great ideas.

Showcase wood

A key element throughout the Scandinavian style is wood and we have chosen to showcase oak, a slow-growing timber that is dense and strong. Like most of our collections, our oak tables are made from reclaimed wood and this is perfect for this style in the dining room.

The Skandi collection is an exquisite example of a Scandinavian furniture that suits this style and your budget.

It works well with inspired Scandinavian dining tables. Create a sense of symmetry with an inspired sideboard choice, minimising fussy accessories to just a few well-chosen pieces that add just enough detail.

Be versatile

The thing about the dining room is it needs to be uber-versatile. In other words, you can enjoy evenings and days of people hunkered around your dining room by at other times, enjoy smaller family meals or the occasional romantic meal for two…

Versatility is also part of the Scandinavian style appeal as this Skandi Extending Dining Table. Whether you’re looking for a 10 seater dining table and chairs or an 8 seater dining table and chairs, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

This piece comes with a contemporary, lighter feel than the oak dining table showcased above, perfect for the smaller dining room as well as a dining space where you need the table to expand and contract with the number of guests.

Accompanying furniture needs to be lighter too and so the Skandi Dining Bench is the ideal mate at the table to give the complete look. For the sideboard, maintain the sense of versatility with a two door/three drawer that can store the extra plates, bowls and cutlery for when you entertain guests.

Comfort, colour and pattern

The difference between minimalism and Scandinavian style is the addition of pattern and other comforting details we expect to find.

A round dining table suits the Scandi styled dining room simply because its shape is welcoming. When you have guests over for dinner, no one is left ‘stuck in the corner’ or an outcast on the edge of a rectangle.

In the dining room, the presence of a round dining table imposes but without taking over. Add a patterned rug underfoot choosing a colour and design that are ‘barely-there’ and you have the basis for a perfect non-abrasive styled dining room.

Add texture too, with the light oak and Oasis Dining Chairs, with the Standford Large Reclaimed Wood Industrial Sideboard adding a hint of the unexpected. The oak bookcase from the Mayfair range pulls it all together nicely.