Making the most of the Aviator furniture range

Aviator Desk and Chair

Many people comment on the Aviator Collection – and no wonder, it is, after all, a collection that is different and unique – and although they highly-prize the eclectic appeal it would add to their home, they are unsure ‘how to use it’.

We understand the predicament. There is a certain amount of bravery, of throwing caution to the wind and falling back on your styling wits when it comes to the Aviator range. And that’s why we love it.

It pushes the boundaries without being too quirky. It can, with the right supporting actors in place, be the unashamed star of the show or it can be a detail hidden in plain sight that makes people gasp ‘wow!’ when they see it.

Fear no longer where you are ‘making a mistake’ or ‘I love it but…’ as we give you three delightful examples of how a piece or pieces from the Aviator collection can really work in your home.

A relaxing spot

When it comes to a brown leather armchair, there is nothing more beautiful than the Aviator Thunderbolt armchair. The whole collection has a slight nod to the 1920s and the Art Deco style. With this in mind, pair two of these fantastic brown leather armchairs with a new rug from the Louis de Poortere range, the charcoal coloured Dessert Eye.

Aviator Coffee Table and Leather Armchair and Sofa

A cosy reading spot indeed but if you need more seating, the Spitfire brown leather sofa is the ideal addition. If you need extra storage, stick with the industrial feel with a drinks cabinet, light in tone that doesn’t jar against the rivets and metallic finish of the Aviator furniture pieces.

The reading nook

Let us return to the idea of a reading nook because with life so busy and demanding, creating a technology-free space where the world cannot reach you is perfect. Falling into the realms of a ‘good book’ is an ideal activity that the Aviator collection can support you with.

Aviator Armchair and Bookcase

You’ll smile every time you fall into the depths of the Aviator wing chair – or egg chair, as we sometimes call it – curling your feet beneath you as you enjoy reading time.

Maintain neutrality with a beige rug and frame the space with a more than useful round coffee table. The industrial style side table from the Kingsbridge Collection makes an ideal reading nook fellow, don’t you think?

Not just for the domestic scene

The Aviator Collection is perfect in so many ways and we think it makes a fantastic choice for our business customers.

Aviator Armchair and Console Table

It makes a real impact. Your visitors will love its style to say hello to the Aviator console table, a beautiful narrow console table in the reception area. A pair of aviator armchairs, the brown leather an ideal material for the busy reception space, create a canvas from which you can add the other accessories.

Use the Louis de Poortere Black Mad Men rug to frame the chairs, just as you would in the home.

And so you see, there is no reason to doubt your styling ability with the Aviator furniture because it is simply beautiful, no matter where it sits or with what.