How to style a round dining table

Wycombe Oak Round Dining Table and Chairs

It is a dilemma – do you opt for a round extendable dining table or a rectangular one? Do you need it to extend? What is it that attracts you to the round dining table?

For many, it is the feeling of inclusion that the round dining table exudes, the ability for all guests to see each other and converse with each other.

Styling it is not difficult either. We give you three options – the chic industrial round dining table, a traditional style with a rustic twist, or the always-elegant Scandinavian style.

The industrial look

Oxford Oak Round Dining Table

This 130cm wide round table with its central, metal pedestal is a delight that sits well within the industrial look, the effortless fusion of wood meeting metal.

Adding a twist to the industrial dining table with upholstered grey dining chairs with an industrial sideboard from the Mitcham range to pull it all together. The metal legs of the sideboard bring the symmetry into the room by matching that of the dining table.

As with all dining rooms, frame the setting with a rug – we have chosen a dark shade in this case, opting for the smouldering depths of a nearly-black rug.

The traditional look with a rustic twist

Bahamas Wooden Round Dining Table

The Bahamas Collection is a fairly recent addition to our range and we knew it wouldn’t disappoint. The beautiful wood with exquisite detailing gives the traditional look a beautiful rustic twist.

The round dining table in the collection certainly doesn’t disappoint. Leather or wooden dining chairs would certainly sit well with the dining table but for an unexpected twist, add black velvet dining chairs with stud detailing and the back lion head handles for something different.

The Bahamas drinks cabinet makes for a great addition to the dining room, a superb place for storing essentials and of course, the finishing touch with this copper-toned rug brings out the wood tones even more.

The Scandinavian look

Wycombe Oak Extending Dining Table Round

As a style, this is one of our favourites and we know it is one of yours too. There is always something very elegant and unfussy about the Scandinavian style, and the Scandinavian dining table, and yet it never looks barren or cold.

The beauty and warmth of natural material, from wood to wool is allowed to shine in this setting. And that’s why we love it for the dining room.

This round extendable dining table is the perfect starting point for this style. You could match the wood of the wooden dining chairs to it or you could ring the changes with these fantastic cross-backed dining chairs. With a slight vintage edge to them, they stylish aplomb sits well in the Scandinavian dining room.

In this style, everything is carefully selected and the oversized wall clock is both a stylish and practical addition.

And finally, pulling it all together is this sublime, neutral shade rug with a hint of inlaid pattern.

The dining room is such an important space in the home that is deserved to be dressed and styled. How have you created a beautiful dining space?