Bring urban furniture into your living room and set a modern mood

brown modern sofa with urban furniture

brown fabric sofa and other urban furniture in a modern living room

Set a cool living room mood with urban furniture / Bring urban furniture into your living room and set a modern mood

The urban modern interior style is a fusion of contradictory, yet complementary design elements with a cosmopolitan and sophisticated heart set in a loft living cityscape. It’s an interior trend that transcends styles and with the right urban furniture you can create the same feel in your living room, whether you live in a contemporary apartment or a traditional house. Here, we take a look at the best type of urban living room furniture to help you bring this scheme to life.

Low sofa and Modern armchair combo

Minimalist with glamorous chic, this style has an edgy, experimental feel to its urban living room furniture. Expect large items of urban furniture dominating the living room landscape, but with a delightful low profile. Choose a low sofa and modern armchair that have a hint of the iconic Chesterfield but with sharp lines, metal detailing and a modern twist.

brown leather sofa and leather armchair

Create a sophisticated atmosphere with lighting

In any room, atmosphere is created first by lighting and then by decoration. Not forgetting that urban modern living is about adding a touch of glamour as much as it is about experimenting with something different. Why not pair urban furniture, such as an eye-catching mango wood side table with brass inlays and slim metal legs with a hanging pendant light or modern table lamp to add a touch of chic and elegance.

Another pendant light that will add appeal is a frame pendant, complete with decorative glass infills or for added impact, cluster pendant lights together. Floor lamps can also be used as practical embellishments to urban furniture. Think big and let your creative expression flow.

The best flooring solutions for urban living room furniture

industrial coffee table with white sofa and yellow rug

For practical and budgetary reasons, most original loft living apartments styled the space with chic urban furniture on an original hard floor surface. Wall-to-wall carpets is not usually seen in this design, instead wooden, concrete or resin floors underfoot is favoured here. To soften a hard floor without losing its urban edge, add modern rugs to add tone and depth.

Choosing a rug in the right shape and size is important in any design scheme. For the chic modern living feel, choose a rug that throws the accent onto the urban furniture. Or, use it to add the edgy statement we mentioned earlier. Sticking with a muted colour palette, add a rug that makes a statement.

Embellishment and Accessories

Alongside the low sofa, the lighting and the rug, you need some practical urban furniture additions to make your modern living room both comfortable and joyous, such as a modern coffee table. Adopting natural materials is key – this industrial coffee table is the perfect urban living room furniture to bring the scheme together.

industrial coffee table with brown leather sofa

Fabrics, textures and throws should be used with caution – this type of space favours minimalism. However, these final touches are important in bringing any design together, especially when it comes to loft spaces filled with urban furniture. To prevent the living room feeling like a void or faceless space add a few accent cushions or barely there fabrics on the windows along with reclaimed wood furniture full of character and personality.