How to style a white contemporary sideboard to look at its best

A sideboard really is a staple piece of furniture for dining rooms and living rooms offering both style and valuable storage space for all the items you want to keep tucked away. However, it also provides a perfect surface for the things that you do want on display like lamps and candle holders or for hanging canvas paintings and clocks above.

Windsor Large White Sideboard

Why choose a white sideboard? 

With any large piece of furniture, white works beautifully to keep your space looking bright and open. In terms of colour, a white contemporary sideboard also offers a wonderful blank canvas for creating a contract against colour and other pieces of furniture. Go for all white furniture for a sleek, coordinated look or add it to a room with reclaimed wooden furniture for a modern twist.

Windsor Large White Sideboard with table lamps and wall clock

Ways of styling your sideboard

The beauty of a white sideboard is that it can be paired with whatever contemporary home decor your heart desires. Go for something simple or dramatic - either way, a white sideboard is the perfect accompaniment. 

White is a great colour if you are looking to create a glamorous decor scheme. For this style, add a stylish table lamp with a large luxurious shade. If you are looking for understated style, you can leave it there but you could also add more light by adding candle holders and tea lights.

Luxe Tear Drop Table Lamp

There are also plenty of options for on the wall above your sideboard. A canvas painting or contemporary large clocks are a great choice to create a focal point in your room. A large wall clock is a great statement piece for any room. If you go for a white sideboard, a dark grey or black metal frame will create a stunning contrast and is bound to be a talking point - the perfect blend of classic and contemporary, industrial style.

Extra Large Black Metal Wall Clock 110cm

Alternatively, a gorgeous canvas will look fantastic for a more classic look. Our collection of canvases come in a range of style and would look fantastic in any colour scheme. With a large sideboard, you could even place two smaller canvases side by side.

handmade and bespoke reclaimed wood sideboards

To find the perfect white sideboard for your living room or dining room, shop the sideboards collection at Modish Living or get in touch with our team.

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