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How to style chrome to love it in your home

Maddox Reclaimed Elm Console Table

Chrome is an ideal choice for adding a zing of detail to any room, so no surprise that we turn to it as the must-have metallic finish.

But it can be tricky to handle, soon tipping from chic to a cacophony of silver finishes. And so, using it sparingly but well is the key.

Use it as an accent

Many interior designers use chrome as an accent colour in a space. This allows it to be introduced in a way that is controlled and without it being overpowering. It works with a variety of other materials, such as reclaimed wood furniture. The smoothness of the chrome works well with the roughness of the wood, an ideal combination.

Devil in the detail

Exquisite pieces with chrome detailing are also a serious option for introducing chrome into any room. For example, this rather easy-on-the-eye console table is the perfect fit for any hallway. Note how the silver accessories bring a note of cohesion to the whole look, a plus in our book of hallway decorating ideas.

Perfect for any sized room

From the smallest room in the house to open plan living, the versatility of chrome is such that it suits all sizes and dimension of rooms. In smaller rooms, chrome can really shine but this doesn’t mean opting for larger-than-life furniture. This bijou piece is perfect as a modern TV unit with understated chrome legs is perfect.

Maddox Reclaimed Elm TV Unit

Workhorses can shine too

There are many items of reclaimed furniture that can be described as essential in any room, from the sideboard in the dining room to the display unit in the living room. All of these items can stand out, with chrome being the ideal detail. Take a look at a reclaimed wood coffee table, for example, complete with simple, yet striking chrome legs, perfect for pulling together the industrial style with a hint of sumptuous luxury.

Mix it with the traditional too

There are many iconic shapes and styles that we love for our homes, and there is nothing wrong in ringing the changes by marrying the sleek modern, cool appeal of chrome with stylish leather.

RetroSit Brown Leather Armchair

Mix the modern and the old can produce exciting eclectic pieces. And we think the RetroSit brown leather armchair is a perfect example of the stunning results of mixing two materials such as chrome and leather together.

Otto Industrial Chester Club Armchair

Likewise, the iconic styling of the leather Chesterfield armchair is perfect sitting alongside the elegance of chrome legs.

All that glistens…

… could be chrome. Or gold. Or both. There is nothing in the rulebook that says you must only just one metallic finish and never mix metallic. There are stunning examples of chrome and brass, or chrome and gold metallic finishes working harmoniously in one room.

Our tip would be to decide on one ‘main’ metallic finish but using the other in a supporting role, such as brass tack beading on chairs or a lamp base.

Chrome is beautiful. Smooth and cool to the touch how will you bring chrome into your home?

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