How to style the industrial TV stand

Maddox Industrial Reclaimed Wood TV Unit

With these clever styling tips, you can welcome the TV into a room without it taking over. The ‘trick’ is to choose a beautiful industrial TV stand that the eye admires, rather than the TV that sits on it. With other items framing and supporting it, you can create a cosy hub that is perfect for TV viewing, as well as reading, lounging around…

Industrial simplicity

Sometimes, the simpler an item of furniture is, the more complex and beautiful it is – like the Luxe Kensington TV reclaimed wood TV stand, a breathtaking example of industrial style furniture if ever there was one.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood TV Unit

Continue the use of ‘natural’ colours and materials with a brown leather sofa in a simple shape, framed with a round nest of tables in the industrial style and underpinned by a beautiful grey rug.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Side Tables

The cohesion between the nest of tables style and the TV brings the room together, with the other items bringing effortless symmetry.

Refined tradition

The beauty of the industrial style is its versatility and how, with small tweaks, a completely different finish can be created. If you are a lover of traditional shapes but like the modern appeal of the industrial style, then these suggestions are perfect.

Retain the air of industrial – wood meets metal – with the elm TV stand from the Maddox Collection.

Maddox Industrial Reclaimed Elm TV Unit

As in the scene above, bring a sense of cohesion, but not matchy-matchy, with the elm coffee table from the same range.

Alongside the smoothness and warmth of both these pieces, the traditional stylish curves of a traditional styled grey Chesterfield sofa would sit a treat. Or you could opt for brown leather.

Kingsbridge Industrial Reclaimed Oak Sideboard

But here’s the note that brings something different to this look: finalise the scene with a reclaimed wood sideboard. Choose one that hits all the industrial style furniture notes, but has a melody of tradition about it, perfect we think, for any living room.

Glamour meets industrial

The industrial style is, by a certain breadth of tradition, when black steel meeting rustic, reclaimed wood. But the rulebook is meant to be ripped up and of late, we have seen the shimmer of gold streak through the industrial interior design style.

Gold exudes appeal, glamour and warmth, perfect in so many ways for the living room. Begin your odyssey of fusion glamour with the industrial with the beautiful gold finish TV unit from the Blackbone Collection.

Blackbone Industrial Oak TV Unit

The lush beauty of a velvet sofa is the perfect foil complete with angular, gold legs – just look at its beautiful clean, simple lines! Retain the air of ‘the practical’ to stop it tipping too far over into the glamour style with an understated grey traditional patterned rug, or other living room rugs the ideal partner to the Maddox reclaimed elm wood coffee table.

Maddox Reclaimed Elm Coffee Table

And so you, there can be another focal point to your living room other than the TV – why not make the TV unit a thing of beauty in its own right with reclaimed wood furniture?