How to stylishly dress your farmhouse trestle table

The trestle table is the perfect style choice in a farmhouse style kitchen or dining room. Available in both 6 and 8-seater options, how would you style and accessorise it? We have three great ideas…

The Dorset trestle farmhouse dining table

The white painted legs of the Dorset trestle table are typically farmhouse and rustic in appearance which makes it a firm favourite. The beautiful wooden top of this farmhouse dining table is ideal for everyday dining and for informal dining parties. For when you want a more formal setting, a few choice accoutrements instantly transform it.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Trestle Dining Table

As well as a dining bench, upholstered dining chairs are a great addition. Opt for neutral colours, such as grey, that sits well with the white legs and beautiful wooden top of this farmhouse table.

Florence Upholstered Dining Chair

Set the scene with some pretty accessories. A table runner adds texture as well as colour, a material platform for candles and lanterns to set the mood for your dinner party.

Oldman Leaning Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

Framing the table in situ is important for balancing the room. fitting with the farmhouse style is a pretty ladder shelving unit, a beautiful piece of reclaimed wood furniture for the dining room.  

Hoxton rustic oak trestle dining table

Hoxton Rustic Oak Trestle Dining Table

A similar style to the previous table, it is the ornate legs at either end of this oak trestle table that makes it a popular choice for people looking for a 6-seater dining table. Again, pair it with upholstered dining chairs. The Luxe Ivy upholstered chair has an understated elegance to them – the modern low back and armrests give it a tweak of luxury – and when the seat folds around you as you sit at the table, you know you’ve made the right choice.

Luxe Ivy Upholstered Dining Chair

As well an off white table cloths, coloured runner and matching napkins, frame the beautiful large dining table with a beautiful farmhouse reclaimed wood large dresser.

Worcester Reclaimed Wood Large Dresser

HINT – for symmetry and balance, keep the choice of metallic finish the same. In this case, polished silver sits beautifully within the farmhouse style.

Elegance with the Hoxton oak white dining table

Hoxton Oak White Farmhouse Dining Table

A beautiful 8-seater dining table, the Hoxton oak dining table is in a class all of its own. Grey fabric dining chairs are just one choice of seating partners that allow the beauty of the almost-blonde sanded oak tabletop to shine.

Button Back Grey Dining Chair

In a similar shade, a sideboard is a perfect complement to this farmhouse table and chairs. As well as offering ample storage in the dining room or kitchen, the sideboard is also ideal for adding welcome touches and notes of detail. Infusers, for example, are ideal for the dining room as their scent is gentle, wafted about the space as people move through it. Add to the grace of the space with candles too and consider. However, don’t forget the backdrop to the sideboard. As well as artwork, you can also layer mirrors such as two of these beautiful Lana mirrors with their sculptural peaks and troughs.

Lana Wall Mirror

The small details can often make the space but get the table, seating and supporting reclaimed wood piece right, and you have a beautiful dining space, no matter the occasion.

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