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How to successfully renovate your bedroom into a beautiful space

How to successfully renovate your bedroom into a beautiful space

Standford Reclaimed Wood Bedroom Furniture

Who doesn’t want their bedroom to be a stylish haven? The problem is when it comes to revamping and renovating this important room in your home, you can be stuck not just for bedroom decorating ideas but where or how to start.

1 Be methodical in your approach

Renovating, styling your home, decorating – whatever you choose to call it – is an emotional process. It is, after all, your home and you take pride in it. Add to that your personal connection to your bedroom and you can see how the methodical approach would soon be cast aside.

And so, before you take to admiring reclaimed wood furniture or modern bedrooms sets for or deciding on your final style approach, think through what it is you want to achieve.

2 Spot the problems, solve the problems

Renovating the bedroom is much more than just choosing rustic furniture or a bed frame– it is about looking at the room, deciding what must be changed and coming up with the solutions.

Not all problems can be solved within your budget or the structure of your home - solve what you can and adapt to those that can’t be altered.

3 Work within the confines of both size and budget!

If you create a wish list without borders, the budget will be blown on item number one but most of us, it's fair to say, have a budget within which we must operate.

And there are also size constraints too and so this is where you need to be methodical and objective in making a list of items you must have in the bedroom, and the items you would like to have – if space and budget allow!

Standford Reclaimed Wood Chest of Drawers

For example, a bed frame is essential as too is a chest of drawers but would a small chest of drawers be just as versatile, flexible, functional and stylish?

4 Make the most of natural light

When renovating any room, but especially the bedroom, natural light pouring in is what makes the room feel light, airy, fresh and welcoming.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Bedroom Furniture

And yet so many of us insist on heavy drapes and blinds, more so in our attempt to guarantee a good night’s sleep. As well as neutral tones on the walls, considering opting for lighter coloured bedroom furniture alongside neutral floor tones and plenty of mirrors about the space.

5 Every piece of bedroom furniture needs to have a function and a purpose

We can blindly follow what we have ‘always done’ because we have ‘always done it’. But if you don’t need a full-length wardrobe, why are you still buying one? If you need more drawer space, why don’t you create a bank of drawers along a wall?

Savannah Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box

Storage is key in the bedroom but it needs to fit your needs and not the other way round. For example, consider a wooden blanket chest for storing bulkier items like the summer duvet or chunky jumpers. Opt for one that acts as a seat too and you have two functions for the price of one.

Light, space, budget, problem-solving and bedroom furniture that is multipurpose are the solutions to a successfully renovated bedroom space.



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