If you love an urban modern living room, here is how to get it

The urban modern interior design style is a fusion of the cosmopolitan environment seen in loft living in large cities. Here, we take a look at how you can create the same feel in your space, whether in a modern flat or a traditionally built home.

Bristol leather sofa and armchair in harris tweed

The Sofa and Chairs

Minimalist with glamourous chic, this style has an edgy, experimental feel to it. Large items of furniture dominate the living room landscape, but with a delightful low profile.

Choose a low profile, modern sofa and armchair that have a hint of the iconic Chesterfield but with an edgy twist fabric and leather combined, and two contrasting colours.

Better still, you can customise both these items to your taste, contrasting your choice of Harris tweed with any colour leather.

Atmosphere with Lighting

In any room, atmosphere is created first by lighting and then by decoration. Not forgetting that urban modern style is about adding glamour as much as it is about experimenting with something different, this golden pendant light adds a touch of chic and elegance.

Another pendant light that will add appeal is a frame pendant, complete with decorative glass infills. For added impact, cluster pendant lights together.

Floor lamps can be used as practical embellishments in an urban modern living room. Our rainbow floor lamps have the geometric appeal that adds creative expression as well as a hint of the geometric design found in many apartment lofts.

Flooring Solutions

For practical and budgetary reasons, most original loft living spaces that spawned the urban modern style relied on the original hard floor of the space as its flooring solution.

Wall-to-wall carpets is not usually part of the design although with a clever choice of some of the quirkier carpeting solutions on offer, it could work.

For hard floors, adding tone and depth with modern rugs fits perfectly within this modern interior design scheme.

Choosing a rug in the right shape and size is important in any design scheme. For the chic urban modern living feel choose a rug that throws the accent onto the modern furniture.

Or, use it to add the edgy statement we mentioned earlier. Sticking with a muted colour palette, add a rug that makes a statement – choose from the ‘faded-look’ rug or geometric patterned rugs.

Find out how to measure your living room for a rug from our guide here

Embellishment and Accessories

Alongside the sofa, the lighting and the rug, you need practical additions that make living in the space both comfortable and joyous such as a modern coffee table.

Using natural materials is key - this made-to-your-measurement industrial look coffee table the ideal solution in creating an urban modern living room.

If you prefer a cleaner style, the racked lower shelf on this concrete coffee table makes for an interesting addition.

Fabrics and textures are needed in any design, which is why the edgy look, this leather and Union Jack topped coffee table combo is simply delightful.

Fabrics and throws should be used with care but in some respects, are embellishments that are needed to add warmth to what can feel like a void, or a characterless space.

Mix the old and the new, modern furniture with pieces with age. How will you create your ideal urban living modern room with modern living room furniture and accessories?

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