Plan a wonderful atmosphere for the two of you this Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Couple

Valentines Day Couple

The origins of Valentine’s day that we celebrate on 14th February each year are shrouded in mystery. For centuries, February has been seen as the month of romance. But this doesn’t just mean celebrating the love, passion and romance between you and your ‘significant other’. It means revelling in the love you have for others too.

And that’s why this Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get together with all your loved ones and celebrate the relationships and friendships you share. We’ve come up with some great ideas that work just as well for family time or for a romantic interlude between the two of you.

And better still, you don’t have to leave the warmth of your own home…

A Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt indoors is a great way to hide small gifts for your special ones to find. Valentine’s Day is not about giving expensive gifts but about showing people that you care. So, whichever gifts you choose to hide, put plenty of thought into them.

Personal gifts are the best, especially ones that have been made for the person in question. How about these as ideas…?

  • Create individual IOU notes to completes a pleasant task on their behalf at some point in the next few months, such as breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning.
  • Make your own presents such as a stack of cookies in their favourite flavour or a pretty box filled with delicious sweets.
  • Personalised gifts bought online can be expensive but are the type of gifts that people treasure for a long time.

Eat Together (but with a twist!)

You can always create a romantic ambience with a well-set reclaimed wood dining table and pristine upholstered dining chairs, serve up steak and oysters… but again, it isn’t about the expense but spending time with your significant other or others.

Valentines Day Couple on Sheepskin Rug

So, spread out on the warmth of a large sheepskin rug, serve up nibbles at your living room Valentine’s picnic, choose a film and relax, enjoying the chatter and the love in the room.

Board Games Bonanza

Consider this, when was the last time you played a board game together? The digital age has meant most of us have become welded to our phones and thus, there is a whole generation missing out on learning the rules of Ludo, Monopoly, Mousetrap and not developing dexterity to complete the buzzer game, Operation.

Monopoly Game

Now is the time, so hop on down to your local toy store, buy a board game and introduce your kids – and reintroduce yourself too – to the fun of a board game. How else can this digital generation learn to really argue with their siblings over fair play?!

Get Out and About

From a hike in the hills (check the weather) to a trip to a local museum or art gallery, to create the perfect atmosphere this Valentine’s, all you need is love and laughter.