Inspirational home decor with textured drinks cabinets

Kingsbridge Reclaimed Wood Cabinet in Living Room

Textured reclaimed wood furniture adds sublime detailing as well as depth to a room. It also shows your interior design credentials simply because incorporating textured furniture requires imagination and courage. Opting for the ‘right’ textured furniture is relatively simple when you know how.

A drinks cabinet is a superb addition to any room. A textured drinks cabinet is beyond fantastic. Its texture and pattern allow it to both stand out and blend in, becoming a focal point around with your soiree with friends will revolve. But what do you keep in a home drink cabinet?

Beauty with pattern and texture

Kingsbridge Industrial Reclaimed Oak Drinks Cabinet

The industrial style is stunning and sells itself and so it’s no wonder that a tall, statuesque oak drinks cabinet is the order of the day, more so when the room has plenty of wall to ceiling height.

With geometric pattern and black steel legs and framework, opt for a wine cabinet that has a presence but is not imposing. Of course, the contents need to be just as wonderful and so why not visit your local antique centre or auction for beautiful glasses? From art deco inspired triangular cocktail glasses with cut-glass stemmed wine glasses, an array of different glasses are perfect for the drinks cabinet.

Industrial glamour

If you love the industrial furniture style but want to add a twist, then look no further. The industrial style with a hint of Hollywood glamour is the perfect fusion, wouldn’t you agree?

The dramatic dark depths of black wood combined with the gold coloured finish of the legwork makes this dark wood drinks cabinet a work of art next to an industrial dining table. A sculptural masterpiece for any room, there are plenty of other pieces in the collection to add balance and symmetry to a space, such as the glamorous industrial coffee table.

Blackbone Industrial Oak Drinks Cabinet

Frankly, if there was a wine storage cabinet that demanded to be flanked by a sumptuous velvet armchair (or two), it is this one. But the contents would have to ‘match’ in our eyes. Thus, consider adding all the spirits you possibly can, from the bulbously shaped bottles of liquors to brightly coloured cocktail and mixers.

Scandinavian elegance

The industrial style is always a winner but if you favour a lighter feel to the interior design, then adding textured furniture from our Scandinavian style inspired collections is a great move.

Portobello Oak Drinks Cabinet

The simplicity of this beautiful light wood drinks cabinet is to be celebrated. But don’t let the ‘simplicity’ fool you. There is detailing to this piece that makes it the perfect drinks cabinet for any room.

The turned legs, the parquet patterning, the streamlined no-handle doors are sophistication at its most elaborate. Imagine opening the doors to reveal a well-stocked home bar, with the latest pre-mixed cocktail drinks, as well as delicate, light glassware and your favourite wine bottle.

To show this piece off, it would work best in a room where everything supports one another, from being flanked by a brown leather sofa and matching armchairs, to an unpretentious side table or two.

Which drinks cabinet suits your interior design style?