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Is a chest of drawers really better than a wardrobe?
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Is a chest of drawers really better than a wardrobe?

reclaimed solid wood bed with wooden blanket box and rustic bedside table

When it comes to bedroom storage, given the choice, would you opt for a chest of drawers over a wardrobe or visa versa? It's a common conundrum and a question our customers toy with when looking for the perfect reclaimed or rustic furniture for their bedroom. Whilst some are resolute they couldn't live without a wooden wardrobe, others, given the choice would opt for a rustic chest of drawers. So could a large chest of drawers replace the wardrobe? When and why would a chest of drawers be a better option than a wardrobe? What we're really asking is - are you a chest or wardrobe type of person!

Small space, big dreams

reclaimed wood chest of drawers and matching wooden bedside table

Not all of us are gifted with a huge bedroom and masses of floor space to create the dream wardrobe and wooden chest of drawers get-up. In a smaller bedroom, we need to be clever with space and that means choosing versatile, flexible bedroom storage for clothing and other accessories. Luckily, what it doesn't mean though, is that we can’t go for reclaimed wood furniture.

When you can’t even squeeze in a wardrobe with shelves, there is no denying that a bedroom chest of drawers is a great alternative. In most cases, we don’t need the full-length hanging space that most reclaimed wood wardrobes offer. And so even when we can afford the space for a wardrobe, it is sometimes not the best storage solution. Create a stylish look whilst affording as much storage as possible by mixing and combining tall, large and small chest of drawers.

Make the most of height (even if there isn’t much!)

A loft bedroom presents some interesting angles and characterful nooks and crannies, and whilst this is what you fell in love with, when it comes to furnishing the room, it can be a bit of a design nightmare. Chests of drawers could be the ideal solution here, especially as they come in a wide range of sizes and options, such as.......

Low and wide

The reason why you choose rustic furniture for the bedroom in the first place is for its natural features and beauty, but you also want pieces that offer bedroom storage without crowding the space. A low and wide chest of drawers is perfect for when ceiling height is limited but you have an expanse of wall.

large reclaimed wood chest of drawers

Tall and slender

Many bedrooms have a recess, in older properties especially, that can be hard to dress but is ripe for converting into a storage space. Square off an oddly-shaped room with a tall and slender bedroom chest of drawers in an awkward nook.

Combination storage

When you have unforgiving dimensions, sometimes you need to be a little bit clever in how you add storage. As well as a chest of drawers in the bedroom, consider adding bedside tables with drawers, just for that extra bit of storage space. You might also want to consider a wooden blanket box at the foot of your bed, or even investing in a bed with storage underneath, such as one from our Onslow collection.

reclaimed wood bedside table with pull out drawer

    The wardrobe

    Of course, none of this means that the wardrobe has had its day – far from it! Whilst it might be true that we are open to alternative bedroom storage options, sometimes only something with height will do to keep our glamorous gowns and swish suits looking their best. If you can't live without a wardrobe, one with shelves provides many more storage opportunities as do wardrobes with hanging and drawer space, the perfect bedroom storage combination in our opinion.

    two wooden wardrobes in reclaimed wood with drawers

    Tell us.....

    So, which do you prefer? How have you organised your bedroom storage? Share you ideas and photos in the comments below or check out our Inspiration blogs for more storage ideas.

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