Is a Oswald sofa the one for you?

Brown Leather Vintage Chesterfield Sofa

There are many items of furniture that boast such a recognisable shape and design, that no matter what style touches it, it is iconic. No matter what you do the Oswald sofa, there is an unstated class and elegance, a nostalgic touch of yesteryear about it.

It has remained an option for consumers for decades and it seems, this is not going to change anytime soon. But we wanted to know what our fans on Houzz and Instagram thought.

We Asked, You Answered

We presented you with two images, one of the Oswald Sofa and the other of the Napier sofa, itself boasting a fairly iconic, modern shape – and we asked: “is the Oswald sofa reappearing in home interiors?”

Faced with a choice of two fantastic sofas, our poll clearly presented our followers with the toughest choice yet. On Houzz, the majority of voters agreed that Oswald was a piece making a comeback but there was a strong showing for Napier, a sofa that can be completely customised with Harris tweed to your exact requirements.

Napier Harris Tweed Sofa

On Instagram, our followers made the opposite choice. The unfussy shape and finish of the Napier Harries tweed sofa pipped the Oswald sofa to take the crown – and by a considerable majority too.

But, are these two sofas so very different? How can we use them in our homes, no matter what our style?

Industrial Style

Some of the comments alluded to the fact that as a modern sofa, the fact that you can customise the Napier sofa was the clear reason why it was favoured. For many of us, this is essential.

In order for it to ‘fit’ perfectly, you can choose your own shade and pattern of tweed or moon wool, and throw in some leather too.

This means that no matter what your style, your sofa can be the standout piece or it will seamlessly meld with the rest of your home.

For example, take the industrial look – a fusion of the raw brick and natural materials, with a slice of the practical and functional – is a growing trend, timeless and classic. The Napier sofa would suit perfectly, wouldn’t it, in leather and plain wool framed by an industrial coffee table, such as the Oldham Coffee Table?

Modern Style

The modern style takes components from other design schemes and combines them to make a practical style, with an understated impact and function to it.

But here’s the thing: drop the leather Oswald sofa into a modern design scheme and hey presto! It looks just as much as home as it did in a stately home.

And so, what now? Choose your shape, choose your fabric and love your sofa for years to come, whether it’s Oswald or Napier.