Let a spider leg dining table spin its magic

Rocco Oak Dining Table and Chairs

Just when you think something can’t be improved on, along comes an alternative that brings even more to a piece – and that’s just how we feel about spider legs for dining tables. We’re clearly not alone with this viewpoint as this style of table has become increasingly popular, sending us all into a spin (see what we did there?!) But, how best to style this statement dining table?

Industrial chic

Reclaimed wood furniture is naturally beautiful, the result of repurposing hardwood from its original use bringing with it its story and history. But this doesn’t mean that all the wood used is rough and unrefined, far from it as can be seen in many of the oak pieces we have in our collection.

When it comes to style, you’ll be hard pushed to find one that is more practical and versatile than the industrial look. And when it comes to spider leg tables, the oak dining table from our Rocco collection rocks the industrial chic look.

Rocco Industrial Rustic Oak Spider Leg Dining Table

Make the most of this 6 seater dining table with a mix of both faux leather dining chairs and a dining bench. And because the legs don’t get in the way, you can add two more chairs to easily make it into an 8 seater industrial dining table.

Generous proportions

Similar in its industrial style, is this beautiful 8 seater dining table with heavy set spider legs that sit perfectly within the industrial style dining room. As well as faux leather dining chairs, you could also add an extra layer of texture with one of our linen tablecloths acting as a table runner (simply fold along its long edge) along with matching linen napkins. The beautiful oak table top will enjoy the soft caress of linen, which won’t detract from the grain nor the warmth of this magnificent hardwood.

Mitcham Oak Dining Table

Up the detailing

There is no reason why a dining table can’t have an element of intrigue, which is possibly why the spider leg Sussex oak dining table is becoming a firm favourite. The parquet wooden top adds a welcome note of interest and one that will catch your guests’ eyes.

Sussex Oak Parquet Industrial Oval Dining Table

There is a sense of the elaborate about this table which is why velvet dining chairs make the perfect tableside companions. And with the darker coloured wood and edging, you can afford to match with a decadent coloured velvet too.

Farmhouse fanfare

It isn’t just the industrial style dining room that would welcome the spider leg dining table. The stunning white legs of this oak dining table are magnificent. Bright and fresh, it will resonate within the farmhouse style where you want the lightness of wood tone that sits well alongside white painted furniture. You could always team this with wooden dining chairs but we think it deserves a little more, which is why leather dining chairs are the order of the day.

Amalfi Oak Dining Table

The dining table with spider legs are popular for many reasons – you can seat people all around the edge without worrying about knees and feet kicking the table legs. But there is also something more in the unusual shape and detailing of the legs. And we all like something different.