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Let our tempting armchairs warm up your cosy nook

Let our tempting armchairs warm up your cosy nook

You may have swapped your flip flops for a cosy pair of slippers now that the chill of winter has set in but that doesn’t make it a dull season. Far from it. For many of us, the grey of winter is the ideal time to kick back and recharge our batteries. When the rain is hammering at the window and dark evenings long, who wouldn’t want to sink into a cosy armchair in a reading nook to enjoy the season’s best sellers?

How to create a stylish nook for reading, lounging and napping

The perfect reading and lounging nook needs to be an appealing space but it also needs to be practical with layers of soft light and warm textures and colours. The first place to start is with the armchair…

The armchair

The most crucial addition is the armchair. It needs to be supportive and to fit in the space (don’t forget to measure), and it needs to be your kind of style too. We have armchairs for every style and better still, they all sit beautifully nestled beside the reclaimed wood furniture within your home.

The traditional wingback leather armchair

It seems the best place to start simply because the shape of this leather armchair is synonymous with so many of our memories. Stately in appearance and posture, the gentle sloping back of the winged armchair is perfect for reading and napping. Supportive of your body no matter which posture you find comfortable, the tan leather will age beautifully as well. A worthwhile investment? We think so.

Wing Wrap Cerato Leather Armchair

Traditional with a twist

If you feel you want to make a statement with your reading armchair, then look no further than the winged armchair made of tweet and leather. Based on the traditional shape of the winged armchair, it mixes the best of both worlds when it comes to fabric. There is the warm touch of tweed combined with the soft touch of leather. Dark in colour, there is a drama to this chair that makes it one of our favourites. We see it nestled next to a reclaimed wood coffee table complete with the gentle glow of a pendant light for winter afternoons spent reading.

Kensington Wingback Armchair

Modern with plush velvet

If there is one fabric that entices everyone to run their fingers across its short, yet luxurious pile it is velvet, which is one of the reasons why the modern, deep seat of this velvet armchair is so very popular.

Emily Khaki Velvet Armchair

Its neutral colour makes it a joy to style with the right accessories and means it will maintain its appeal across all seasons. Surround with scented candles – the joy of a flickering flame and gentle scent hanging in the air – and a small side table for a glass of wine or warming hot chocolate to ease away the stresses of the day.

Scandi inspired armchair

There is something about this armchair that makes it worth more than a second glance. On the face of it, it is one of those fabric armchairs that has a hint of Scandinavian style about it as well as a nod to the modern style seen in the 1970s. Either way, it is incredibly comfortable, the deep seat enveloping you as you lower yourself into its confines. Why not include a footstool alongside scented candles, a table lamp and a side table.

Larsine Fabric Armchair

Which of these cosy reading nook scenes lures you in?



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