Let’s Hear it for Feel Good Furniture!

Feel Good written in the sand

Cup of black coffee with smiley face

There are some items of furniture that ooze the feel-good factor. Every time you use it, it makes you feel good. It could be the old-faithful sofa, for example, that just gets better with age. But what other feel-good furniture items are there?

The leather armchair

From the traditional wing-backed leather armchair to a modern silhouette, the leather armchair is very much like its sofa cousin – is there anything better than being cocooned in its familiar warmth? We like it best with a cup of tea and biscuit or a good book.

Two brown leather armchairs

The large rustic dining table

The dining table sees all of home life and that’s why the dings, the dents, marks and scrapes both infuriate us and make us feel warm inside. The family gathers around the table for everything from every day catch-ups and household disagreements to Christmas dinners and is the place where memories are made.

Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Trestle Table with dining bench

A coloured footstool

It doubles as an impromptu coffee table, the ‘something to stand out’ and, of course, a comfy platform for elevating your tired feet at the end of the day, a coloured and comfortable footstool is a must. As the feel-good factor goes, it’s at the top of the scale!

Round grey and black velvet buttoned footstools

A large wooden bed frame

Along with a sumptuous, supportive mattress and high-quality bed linen, is there anything more heart-warming than a solid wooden bed frame? Strong, sturdy and the type of furniture you can always rely on, a high quality reclaimed wood bedframe will provide almost endless service for years on end.

Wooden double bed frame with white covers and grey blanket

The Welsh dresser

A large Welsh dresser solves a myriad of storage problems in the kitchen/diner in one swipe, but its grand stature in a room gives it a matriarchal presence. Its familiar shape is a nod to yesteryear, even if has a modern edge and design, that we instantly find comforting and familiar. Again, like a wooden bedframe, the Welsh dresser will instantly become part of the family, if not the head of the house, for years to come.

Two large white Welsh dressers

The dressing table

So far, we have looked at pieces that everyone will have a connection to, such as the dining table or the leather armchair, the place of comfort that the household often turns to. You may not have thought as the dressing table as being an obvious piece of feel-good furniture, but it is a truly personal space. From a slimline console table to a larger tabletop, this is a place in the bedroom where you can sit and reflect and spend time making yourself look great and feel good. Dress it with personal items and framed photos of your precious family to give a high-level feel-good factor about it.

Close up of pale wood dressing table with round wooden mirror

Anything made from reclaimed wood…

The beauty of reclaimed wood furniture never tires and the range of choice is staggering – from coffee tables with storage to reclaimed wood large sideboards, open shelving display units and more – there is something for every style home. The feel-good factor is not just about choice and design but the fact that reclaimed wood gets better and better with age and use.

Reclaimed from its original use, the grain and patina of hardwood mellows and develop with age. Smooth to the touch, there is also a warmth to wood, a natural material that is nothing short of elegant. When it comes to the feel-good factor in our eyes, anything from reclaimed wood has it – but what’s your favourite piece of feel-good furniture?