Make your Airbnb home perfect for a Christmas getaway

Compton velvet sofa bed

If you’re planning on opening your home to Airbnb guests this Christmas, you’re not alone. As a company, Airbnb is growing with the UK market enjoying an upsurge. According to recent statistics, Airbnb rentals in Cardiff have exploded with a growth of 206%. And it shows no sign of slowing over Christmas either.

With this in mind, you may want to welcome Airbnb guests into your home this Christmas. We show you how to get your home Airbnb rental ready!

Decorate for Christmas

Just like you decorate your home, you need to add a few hints of festive cheer with some stylish Christmas decorations. In the dining area, if there is one thing that highlights the beauty of reclaimed dining chairs, a rustic dining table and furniture in general, it is twinkling lights and the flicker of scented candles.

Rathborners Luxury Scented Candle

Add a wreath to your front door and an elegantly decorated Christmas tree that lights up your home!

A note on scent – use musk flavoured scents for Christmas along with other warming notes such as pine and spices.


Traditions vary from culture to culture but if there is one thing in common, is that food is a central part of the season. If you’re Airbnb guests are joining you Christmas dinner or a festive buffet, something that will come in handy is an extendable table. As well as reclaimed dining chairs why not invest in a reclaimed dining bench too?


We’ve already alluded to Christmas traditions and so if you enjoy a festive tradition each year, why not ask your guests to pull up an upholstered dining chair and take part? Quite often, the main reason why people opt for Airbnb is to get closer not just to traditions and culture but the people too.

Be practical

Just like at any other time of year, it pays to be practical and organised for Christmas guests. As a season, it is one of the busiest and so you’ll need to be prepared well in advance.

Selma Fabric Sofa Bed

Aside from a deep clean, you’ll also want to make sure that you have catered to your guests’ comfort. For extra guests, invest in a Selma foldaway bed that during the day is also a beautiful sofa. And take a look at the Compton velvet sofa bed too, another alternative that is both practical and stylish.

Compton Velvet Sofa Bed

Up the ante when it comes to other stylish features too. The trends of Airbnb rentals show that people are looking for an experience in the home they are staying in, as well as the country and people too.

Reclaimed wood furniture is beautiful no matter what the style but the allure of being eco-friendly could be what sets you apart from other Airbnb rentals too. Aside from a reclaimed wood coffee table alongside the sofa bed in the living area, why not opt for a reclaimed wood bed in the guest room along with stylish accessories?

And finally…

Update your listing to make it an attractive proposition for anyone looking to get away from it all this Christmas.