How to make your home smell fresh

How to make your home smell fresh - Modish Living

Fresh flowers in dining room on reclaimed wood dining table with wooden dining chairsThere is something about a good smelling home; whether it be the smell of your family’s favourite food cooking, a wonderful new candle or just the smell of home. Here are a few of our favourite ideas to create an uplifting and homely smell throughout your home and incorporate some cool dining accessories.

Candles are always an easy option for making your home smell amazing and they give you the freedom to change the scent of a room depending on your mood or the time of the year.

When it comes to scents, you may wish to tailor the candle to the room. For example, floral smells like eucalyptus and jasmine or foody scents like basil, lemon or rhubarb would be fantastically in your kitchen whereas a warmer or a subtle, coastal scent would be perfect for your living room, dining room or bedroom. Candles are also great left un-lit in places like linen cupboards so you get a lovely smell when you open the door or get out new bedding.

If you prefer to use tea lights so you can switch up the smell of your room more often, the Bella Ball Tea Light Holders are great. The clear curved glass holders with curved stainless steel framing offer simple, contemporary style which would look great in any room or on a rustic coffee table. Place three together on a solid oak sideboard or above your fireplace or spread around your room.

Alternatively, the Contemporary Anthracite Lanterns make a fantastic statement decor piece in your living room, crafted out of aluminium. Place a tall pillar candle in the centre, or on an oak display unit to create a warming glow and a wonderful smell.

Also in your kitchen, make the most of fruits. Keep fresh fruits like oranges, limes and lemons in fruit bowls which are not enclosed. Not only will they smell lovely and fresh, but they also look great and add a bit of colour!

The unique design of the Encore Stainless Steel Basket Bowl is perfect for any kitchen. With its elegant curve and contemporary caged style, the colour of fresh fruits will pop right through and look great in the centre of your kitchen sideboard, table or on a worktop.

For a slightly different alternative to fruit, you could always add oranges and cinnamon to a bowl of water which will create a lovely warming smell. Or you could add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil, like mint, lavender or vanilla and put these in a bowl.

The Pearl Wrap Bowls are a statement in themselves but are perfect for placing your pinecones. With their beautiful curved design and inside coated with pearl coloured enamel, their Scandinavian inspired design will work beautifully in any room for a touch of glamour.

Use the largest in the set of three in your living room, or in an open plan house, somewhere where it will reach the largest amount of space. You could place one of the smaller ones in your hallway, on a small console table, so you get a lovely smell when you walk through the door.

The Four Corner Bowls are another great option. The tops of the bowls are elegantly curved and have a dark interior for a little drama.

There are also plenty of other ways to keep your house smelling amazingly fresh day-to-day.

When it comes to cleaning, citrus-scented products are great for creating an uplifting smell. Products for cleaning your worktop or your floors will leave a lovely smell once you’ve finished cleaning. You can also clean your bins with citrus to keep it smelling fresh and hide any food smells you don’t want to hang around!

lemons on reclaimed wood table

In your kitchen, growing herbs is a great option. Herbs like basil and mint have a wonderful scent, and you can use them in your cooking too! Alternatively, fresh flowers always add a welcoming feel, look beautiful and can smell amazing. A bunch of flowers in the hallway on a reclaimed wood console table; or bedroom, on a bedroom chest of drawers, is always a lovely touch.

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