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Multi-tasking sideboards with a rustic edge

Multi-tasking sideboards with a rustic edge

The rustic style is based on the use of raw natural elements within a room, usually set against a white backdrop from which your chosen pieces can stand out. In the living room, dining room and the kitchen and the rest of the home, the rustic style is a popular interior design choice.

Within the scheme will be different items of furniture that are pulled together to bring a balanced, symmetrical appeal to a space. In the rustic kitchen and dining room, there is a particular piece of reclaimed wood furniture that ‘fit’ the style…... the reclaimed sideboard.

Why opt for a sideboard?

A combination of cupboard space and drawers or a simple cabinet, the sideboard is worth its weight in gold. Perfect for storing dinner service and other items, the sideboard is a functional piece of furniture that also helps frame the room and the dining table.

But what are the style options?

Small, simple, effective

A small sideboard is just as functional as a larger one, so don’t assume that you have to opt for the biggest you can ‘fit’ into the dining room. A white, slightly distressed look is perfect within the rustic dining room. The storage it offers is versatile too – two drawers and a two-door cabinet.

Dorset medium reclaimed wood sideboard

Natural wood colour

You don’t have to opt for white painted reclaimed wood furniture for a room to be styled along rustic notes. Plenty of wood tones look just as beautiful. Again, similar to the previous sideboard, a dark wood small reclaimed wood sideboard would be just as at home in the rustic style dining room, complementing the rustic dining table excellently. Lighten the room with plenty of ‘natural’ accessories, such as plants and bamboo. Ceramics and stoneware are equally a great addition in the rustic-styled landscape.

Farringdon Medium reclaimed wood sideboard

Charm in the details

We often think of the rustic style as having an unrefined edge to differentiate it from the farmhouse look. However, adding charming details is not off the list.

Cream and wood are a timeless, elegant combination, which you’ll find in this small rustic sideboard from the Worcester Collection. As well as being softer in its hue, the small details such as metal, half-moon handles on the drawers set it apart from the others, whilst offering the same versatility and practical storage options as other rustic sideboards.

Worcester reclaimed wood sideboard

Go large

If you have more space to play with, a large sideboard brings so much in terms of storage, but you want one that stays true to the rustic style. We love many things about reclaimed wood furniture, one element of which is the romance that the wood and its untold story bring.

Colette large reclaimed wood sideboard

This is never more visible than with this large sideboard from the Collette range. It has detail and character, a charm and elegance as well as an air of mystery with the markings it brings from its past. Again, within the rustic style setting, it brings function and form, perfect for framing with a reclaimed glass table lamp and, just as you would with a reclaimed wood coffee table, a beautiful piece of wall art or mirror.

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