Set a modern farmhouse scene with the Worcester reclaimed range

Dorset reclaimed wood trestle dining table

The farmhouse style is a perennial theme that will never date. Its familiarity oozes warmth, which is why as a style, it is often seen as a fail-safe option. But that doesn’t make it predictable. Staying true to the roots of this popular style, we take a look at styling a calm, yet refreshing farmhouse look.

The Worcester dining set at its centre

The dining room or area is the space around which everyone congregates, a close second to enjoying the kitchen. The Worcester dining set is the perfect choice for styling your kitchen diner along with the farmhouse look because it has lots of interesting twists and turns. The sublime combination of white paint against bare wood is surely the epitome of this popular style.

But so too is the mix of wooden dining chairs and dining bench. It brings to the fore the versatility of the style. Better still, the set has an option of an extendable table too.

The farmhouse style has function and practicality at its core, so making sure the space flows and works are just as important as choosing the right pieces for the scheme.

Large sideboard and bookcase as supporting acts

A white large sideboard makes the perfect addition against the white dining table. The assumption would be to add a dresser to the farmhouse dining area, but switch things up a bit with a sideboard and reclaimed wood bookcase. Again, as reclaimed wood furniture goes, the display unit is the ideal companion in any room.

Staying true to the style roots

The use of natural materials and colours is at the heart of the farmhouse style. Originally, materials that were to hand would have been used. Hence, wood would have been reclaimed from redundant items, much like we do today.

Against a white-washed backdrop, the beauty of the wood stands out, and thus with refinements over the years, the use of wood and other natural materials have remained prominent. A modern natural material that also fits is bamboo.

Fast-growing and sustainably sourced, the long bamboo pendant light over the reclaimed wood dining table is perfect in this setting. The white shade sits delightfully with the white dining table and wooden dining chairs and dining bench.

The small details

Adding texture is the small but oft-forgotten detail in many design schemes, but it shouldn’t be ignored in the farmhouse dining room. Linen is a natural fabric that has many properties with its flat weaved texture fitting right into this room.

Lovely linen misty grey tablecloth

The linen table cloth can be both a covering and a table runner (simply fold several times along its long edge) and with matching linen napkins, you have the perfect place settings too. Keep the colours light and natural in shade such as misty shades of blue and light green and pastel yellow.

Finish the room with additions such as lush, green houseplants as well as softly textured rugs and cushions but don’t overcrowd the room with busy patterns and too many different textures as this crowds and clutters