Our best sellers of the year

Florence Upholstered Dining Chairs

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Have you noticed how, as we get to the end of the year, everyone from retailers to TV shows chart the year in what was amazing, funny, sad and popular? We decided to take a look back at which items from our collections were popular, from the farmhouse table to the most popular chairs…

The Standford Industrial Reclaimed Table

Standford Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

In the top spot is this impressive industrial dining table. Mixing the elegant with the practical, customers loved the dining sets with bench, as well as the extendable dining surface that makes it ideal for any busy home. It is robust and yet not devoid of style, brought about, we think, by the reclaimed wood top. With reclaimed wood, you can bask in the warmth of knowing that the item you have purchased is completely unique. Every grain and blemish hints at its past, just one reason why this is one of our best sellers.

The Luxe Kensington Dining Table

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Just as popular is this pleasing mix of styles, the rustic dining table with a reclaimed wood top and the elegant metal work legs. As well as the larger, rectangle dining table, there is also the round Luxe dining table, with the exquisite metal legwork column that sets it apart from all others. There is a rawness to this table top that really makes it stand out. Perfect for when you want something different, but without compromising on the ideals of the industrial or rustic styles.

English Beam Table

English Beam Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

The simplicity of the English Beam dining table in a ‘medium finish’ is probably the main feature that makes this a popular seller this year – and we don’t expect its rising star to wane anytime soon. It has the industrial look to it that easily fits a home, the perfect table for friends to gather round. The other factor that we know makes this a popular item is that you can order it in custom sizes too. So, no need for a table that is too big or too small.

Allegro Chairs

Allegro Cerato Leather Dining Chairs

Fourth on our list are dining chairs that we always knew would be a hit – and we weren’t proved wrong. The Allegro chairs in Cerato leather are the ideal teammates to any of our rustic or industrial styled dining tables. Cerato is a herb that when correctly prepared and administered, helps people to realise their individuality and we think this is a fitting name for our leather dining chairs. Available with wooden and metal legs, which would you choose?

Florence Chairs

Florence Cream Fabric Dining Chairs

Whereas the Allegro dining chair oozes a deceptive simplicity, the upholstered dining chairs from the Florence range offer exquisite detail that brings sophistication to a dining room. Light in colour, the robust fabric is soft to the touch, it is the stud work and the added detail of the ring metal handle on the back of the chair that gives it the edge. Available in natural and white, it is no wonder these dining chairs are popular with our discerning customers.

Did you purchase one of our best sellers this year, or are you looking for inspiration for next year? Either way, we’d be glad to hear what you think of our best sellers!