New, hanging lights you will love this season

Rock Pendant Light

Here at Modish Living we too are concerned about making sure that everything we do doesn’t harm the environment. From packaging to sustainable transport, we are doing our best to make the small changes that make a difference in slowing climate change. We’ve long looked at products that are sustainable – the fact that we sell reclaimed wood furniture gives a very big clue – but now we are turning our attention to lighting.

And it’s for this reason that we are proud to launch our new range of eco lights. Not only are they super energy efficient but they too, like our reclaimed wood furniture pieces, are made, in part, from natural materials.

On top of this, they are some of the most stylish eco lights on the market today.

Rock light

Rock is not a material that you would naturally associate with lighting but that’s exactly what the rock pendant light is made from! Or, to be precise, volcanic rock, a dense but light material that is relatively easy for craftspeople to work with.

Rock Pendant Lights above dining table

As a rustic or even Scandinavian style kitchen pendant lighting, the rock pendant light is just superb. It would also suit the industrial style kitchen or living room too… available in large and small, these are a great intro to the rest of the new lighting range.

Bamboo Manta Triple Pendant Light

Bamboo is a fabulous sustainable material. Fast-growing, bamboo is naturally tough when it is dried. Responsibly sourced bamboo is even better because you know that the farmer and the community have received a fair wage for their work.

Bamboo Manta Triple Pendant Lights above dining table

The cluster of three bamboo pendant light would be perfect hung above the farmhouse table or even in the minimal, yet warm Scandinavian style kitchen diner. With coordinating patterns on the shade, this 3 light pendant is effortless when slipping into your kitchen or diner.

Large Woodchip Pendant Light

At first glance, the shades on this pendant light could be flecked plastic but what you wouldn’t expect it to be would be compressed wood chip – but that’s exactly what it is!

Large Woodchip Pendant Light

As a hanging light, the delightful shape to this shaded light is ideal in many rooms. If you want a hint of style in the hallway without compromising on the luminosity of the light, then this is just perfect. They have a great look to them which again makes them perfect for the Scandinavian and rustic style but we also think that if you have an edgy, modern taste, then these make a statement too.

Bamboo Orbital Pendant Light

These bamboo pendant lights would look great anywhere and because they come in three colours, there is an option for every room. In the living room, a black pendant light would be ideal adding a flick of colour without being overly oppressive. It would look brilliant in the dining room too, especially where you have dark wood furniture and a generous hint of 1920s glamour.

Bamboo Orbital Black Pendant Light above dining table

The white and neutral bamboo pendant lights would be ideal in the Scandinavia kitchen or dining room as both add a warm, neutral tone of colour. Clearly, this would work for the rustic style too, where colour is also kept within the range of creamy, warm shades.

Opting for eco lighting is not just great for the environment but for you too. The inner glow of satisfaction that you are being proactive in protecting the environment can’t be underestimated.