Organise an end of summer clear out

organise end of summer clear out blog

With autumn (and winter) fast approaching we will soon be switching our wardrobe back to the winter one. Not only that, with the kids at home over the summer holidays clutter will have no doubt accumulated in many other parts of the house! With them back at school it’s the perfect time to have a good sort out and get rid of what you can, ready for spending more relaxed time in your home through autumn and winter. Below are a few ideas of how reclaimed and rustic furniture can help solve your home storage options in three spaces in your home!

woman carrying boxes for organise an end of summer clear out blog


The hallway can often get cluttered, a place where items are often put down on the way into the home and left there! Of course, this is the first place people see when they come into your home so here’s your chance to make a good first impression. If you don’t have a shoe storage bench then now is the time to get one – it’s also a great place to stash away hats, scarves, gloves and umbrellas when the time comes. If you do have one give it a good sort out – these often get cluttered and really do benefit from a good clear out! You’ll be able to see what you need to purchase ready for winter and you will also know what you have already got, potentially saving you money!

coats and bags on rustic wooden rack


This is the perfect time of year to declutter your wardrobe. Summer clothes that you have not worn this year should now be sold or donated to save cluttering up bedroom storage areas. Sort through your winter clothes as you put them back in your rustic wardrobe, think if you need or want all these items.

reclaimed wooden bed frame with wooden blanket box

A wooden chest at the foot of your bed is perfect for off season clothes storage – as well as spare blankets and duvets. The bedside table is a place where small items often get tucked away – this is a quick job and will make you feel really organised!

Living room

The living room has most likely been used so much more during the summer holidays. No doubt there are still a few items that need to be put away! Take items that don’t belong in there back up to the kid’s bedrooms, have a sort out of coffee table drawers and get rid of any old books the kids have grown out of, review the DVD and music collection and decide if you need to change any decorative pieces in the living room.

mid century wooden sideboard

A rustic sideboard is a classic piece of living room furniture and will help anyone struggling with living room storage to find a space for everything they need! They also provide you with a perfect opportunity to add an extra display area in your living space – on the surface of a sideboard you can display your favourite pictures, ornaments, houseplant or candlesticks.