Our Best-Selling Industrial Collections For A Stunning Home

Luxe Kensington Industrial Dining Table

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table with Velvet Chairs

The industrial look is gaining in popularity, catapulting it to the upper echelons of classic style and finish. And no wonder. A refreshingly unpretentious style, it is one that is adaptable and versatile. Opt for the simple industrial look or add your own detail and sumptuous finish to it.

And so, no wonder that our industrial collections are flying out the door as fast as we can create them. Take a walk through the gallery of our best-selling industrial styled pieces…

The Lansdowne Collection

A mix of the contemporary and the reclaimed, the Lansdowne collection is the epitome of industrial chic. Every piece is popular but the dining table and the faux leather chairs are by far the hands-down winners if this was a race to the finish line.

Industrial Lansdowne Reclaimed Dining Table and Chairs

Better still, our customers understand how these pieces fit their homes and lifestyles which is why we welcome your feedback and love your pictures. Take a look at Inside no 13, the Instagram account of just one of our discerning customers and their love for the industrial look – the Lansdowne dining table in particular.

The Standford Collection

Another collection with a stratospheric following is the combination of steel and reclaimed wood, handcrafted to create exquisite pieces that is the Standford Collection. Sturdy without being ‘blocky’, present without being imposing, the pieces from this collection are a must-have for any home.

The best seller, without a shadow of a doubt, is the Standford reclaimed wood industrial dining table set (also available in an extending option too).

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

And again, a customer is happy to share their look with you, so you can see that beyond the glossy pages of our website, industrial reclaimed wood furniture is just as stunning in situ. Take a look at Heinz House Letchworth and the amazing renovation project they are undertaking. And note the addition of the Sandford dining table and chairs…

The Kensington Collection

By no means least is the Kensington Collection, a range of handcrafted reclaimed wood furniture, perfect for anyone looking for the rough and tumble of when wood meets stainless steel or the blackness of metal if you prefer.

But the stainless steel leg dining table from this industrial furniture collection proves a popular hit, with the polished stainless steel lifting the appeal of the piece especially in situ, making it less imposing but present. As well as this top seller, the round nest of tables but this time with the black metal legs is a must-have for the living room.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table With Glass Top

Again, examine the collection in situ, as it were by taking a peek at Just a Little Build where alongside renovation and exquisite style, the Kensington Dining Table sits perfectly.

And take a look at…

If you want pleasing angles and stunning lines, take a closer look at the Maddox Collection. Featured in Cheshire Magazine, it is fast becoming a popular range of the industrial and reclaimed wood look that we all covet.

The industrial look is easy to achieve whether you prefer square or round coffee tables, or the refined reclaimed wood or the uneven texture of the Maddox collection. Why not send us your photos and be featured in future articles?