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Lansdowne Reclaimed Wood Bar Stool

Lansdowne Faux Leather Industrial Bar Stools and Table

The aim of our blog is simple – to give you ideas on how to create the style and finish you want in your home. And it seems that our articles and posts are hitting the right notes.

With this in mind, we took a look back at the three most popular blogs. And what they tell us is interesting…

5 Interior Design Styles

Take a moment to read any interior design or lifestyle blog, and you will see it talks about various trends and must-have styles. But the problem is that even though the photos look appealing and you decide a certain style will work for you, it is often impossible to recreate the style in your own home.

This blog looked at the basics of five of the most popular interior design styles, from rustic to industrial. It included key elements that made an interior style rustic or farmhouse, or what materials need to combine to give the industrial looking edge to your home or the mid-20th Century modern that so many of us enjoy. Well worth another look!

Read the blog here.

Welcoming Spring with the Farmhouse Style

Light Raw Oak Small Shelf Ladder

There is something comforting, yet elegantly stylish and unfussy about the farmhouse look that makes for it being so popular. It is practical without every element of detail or design being eliminated. It came as no surprise to find that the second most popular blog from this year was this piece of how to create the farmhouse style in your home.

We know it can be hard to reproduce the style across the home, so with this blog, we took a room by room approach. It looked at how to use open shelving – great for the studio, study or living room – as well as other farmhouse furniture staples work well to create the style.

It examined how to create a cohesive farmhouse style in the kitchen and the dining room, as well as a look at which accessories work well with the style. Take another look at how to create the farmhouse style in your home, no matter what time of year.

How to Choose the Perfect Wood Dining Table

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

It is an item of furniture that lasts for years and years. Rarely replaced, the dining table needs to be universally stylish. Choosing the right dining room sets can take a long time, especially with so much choice.

Wood is the favoured material as it ‘fits’ all design styles, from the rustic to the industrial style, as well as the uber-modern. But which shape? Which design? What style? What about dining chairs – upholstered or leather? Or is a dining bench a better option?

With so many questions that need answering, many people turned to a popular blog we published in the summer. This was our third most popular blog – and is still racking up visitors – and no wonder because choosing a wooden dining table that offers everything you need is a tough decision!

Take a look at the blog again for help to choose the best wood dining table for your home.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed providing inspiration through our blog this year – what would you like to see us cover next?