Quick and easy ways to refresh your rustic dining table

wooden dining table and wooden dining bench

The beauty of a rustic and reclaimed wood dining table is that it is a timeless piece that never dates, and will last a lifetime! We look at how you can refresh your space and move with the times, whilst keeping the same favourite rustic dining table.

modern dining table with matching wooden bench and faux leather dining chairs

Easy ways to update your dining table

Upgrade the seating

If you already have a gorgeous reclaimed wood dining table then you won’t need or want to, change this, Crafted from solid wood with history and character of its own, a reclaimed dining table will stand the test of time. However, dining chairs can date and those that have been well sat on and banged into over the years can look especially tired, so for a quick refresh, updating your dining chairs is an easy fix.

  • What chairs to choose for a rustic dining table

Bold colours are a big trend in the dining room so consider adding striking rich blue velvet dining chairs or sleek modern faux leather dining chairs as a contrast to the rough texture of a rustic dining table. Or try mixing it up with chairs and a wooden dining bench combination. You can accessorise with cushions or a faux fur throw that can be easily updated when you fancy another quick refresh.

reclaimed wood dining table with blue velvet dining chairs

Bring in a new accent colour

This is a great way to make your gorgeous reclaimed wood furniture really pop! Paint one of the walls in your dining room a different colour – you may want to change the colour scheme in your room completely or bring in a completely new single accent colour. To reinforce this get a new dining table centrepiece ornament that will match your new colour scheme. Use a tray if you want to arrange smaller items on your table it will make your display more complete – also, use interior designers’ top tip of displaying your ornaments in sets of threes.

mango wood dining table with velvet dining chairs

Waxing or oiling

This is the perfect way to bring back the lustre on your dining table, plus to smooth out any knocks or chips acquired along the way. Actually, we recommend you give your reclaimed wood dining table a quick wax or oil (depending on the original finish) every month or so. This serves to nourish the wood and will give your dining table a new lease of life. Ensure you use a good quality wax, clear is fine, and rub it on along the grain of the wood. Simply leave it for 30 minutes then gently rub it off with a clean rag and hey presto, your table will look as good as new.

Update the lighting

Pendant lights are perfect for a dining space, highlighting the main piece of furniture in your dining room – your dining table. Again, here you can choose a light fitting that matches your decor or you can bring in a contrasting colour. A table lamp on a wooden sideboard, rustic console table or even a floor standing one can be positioned to create layers of lighting depending on the mood you want to set.

industrial dining table with black rattan pendant light

Bring in storage furniture

You don’t need lots of storage in your actual dining space, but it is good to have somewhere to keep essentials close to hand. A wooden sideboard or console table can make a huge difference to the storage you have available, as well as making serving big dinner parties easier – leaving your table free for a stunning centrepiece, plates and glasses. It also offers an additional surface to display favourite decorative items that can be regularly updated and refreshed depending on new trends, keeping your dining space scheme current.

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