Quick ways to transform a room over the weekend

Woman painting wall for quick ways to transform a room over the weekend blog

It’s that time of year when we tend to get many jobs around the house ticked off the list and a perfect opportunity to get stuck into a few quick indoor weekend DIY projects before spring is upon us. From dusting down your wooden shelves or reclaimed wood furniture to updating cushions and decorative accessories, see our tips on how to give your home a refresh in no time at all.

Woman painting a wall for quick ways to transform your room over a weekend blog

We are a proud nation of DIY’ers and spend millions every year on projects to personalise and improve our homes. This became even more of a thing during the lockdown months when home improvements were about the only thing we could do! There’s always something needing refreshing, from the hallway to the bedroom, so if you have some weekends free over the next month take a look at our handy ways to transform a space.

How to give your home a weekend makeover

1. A splash of paint

A lick of paint brightens a room in an instance and it can completely change the atmosphere of the room whether in the living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen, and it doesn’t have to take weeks. When you choose your colour you can pick a different shade of what you already have in the room or go for a bold contrasting colour if you’re really wanting to switch it up.

industrial coffee table with cream sofa for quick ways to transform your room over a weekend blog

Little final touches make all the difference here – hang some new pictures or family photographs on the wall, place a new plant pot on an industrial coffee table with a houseplant and get some new scatter cushions for the sofa and your living room will feel fresh and new.

2. Move your furniture around

Moving the furniture around is a good excuse to have a declutter and deep clean. In the bedroom make some space for a new solid wood chest of drawers or wooden dressing table for some extra storage – maybe even a blanket box at the foot of your bed? You can bring in a reading chair near the window to make yourself little space for some quiet relaxation – maybe add a new throw and scatter cushions on the bed and a new rug – your bedroom will feel as good as new. The same applies in the living room. Move a velvet armchair and wooden side table into a bay to create a new zone that can be used anytime of the day.

reclaimed wood bed with wooden bedside table

3. De-clutter and rearrange the cupboards

This is mostly for a kitchen makeover. The kitchen is always one of those places where clutter seems to accumulate. Have a sort out and sell or give away kitchen items you no longer need or use. Move everything off any open shelves to give them a good wipe down and clean any items you’re putting back up there. For a change of scene, buy a couple of new decorative pots, jars or storage containers to go on your shelves and don’t forget to add a houseplant – this always makes a room look brighter. If you need extra storage and don’t have room for a kitchen dresser add some open shelving or a small sideboard to create more space.

open wooden shelves with glass jars and plants

4. Hallway makeover

Here is one area of the home that is easy to refresh and one that will have a big impact to everyone stepping into the home. Give the right first impression by clearing away and tidying up any shoes that don’t need to be in the hallway. Give any shoe-scuffed walls a wipe down and clean or even a quick lick of paint and look at refreshing the styling on the tops of your hallway storage furniture, such as an industrial console table. Add a houseplant, table lamp or fresh bouquet of flowers or dried flowers to add a new colour. For an instant transformation, hang a mirror on the wall to not only change the look, but bounce light around your hallway.

reclaimed wood console table with glass lamp and houseplants

Reclaimed wood furniture is great for heavy traffic areas in the home – salvaged wood already has marks and undulations so it really won’t notice if someone bags a heavy school bag into it as they’re rushing out the door. Finally, add a new doormat to for a fresh new feel every time you walk through the door.

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