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Tidy office, tidy mind - Smart ways to de-clutter your office

Tidy office, tidy mind - Smart ways to de-clutter your office

Organised office desk with a cream chair and a plant

Some of us appear to thrive with a less-than-tidy desk. Or do we? With strong scientific evidence that a cluttered work environment stifles our focus and creativity, the time has come to try it. But that means upping your office storage solutions and making changes to your home office.

Boxes and trunks are great for quick, easy wipe-it-away decluttering

Decluttering in the home office tends to take a back seat when work is so busy and relentless all of the time. The secret to a tidy desk is to have storage solutions that are quick, easy and simple to use.

A box with a lid is perfect. But what you don’t want is a teetering column of boxes in the corner so opt for one box, two at the most and make it a monthly activity that you empty the boxes contents and recycle, shred and get rid of the contents.

Dark wood sideboard on black metal legs with a concrete touch

Avoid the clutter of boxes in the office with hideaway storage such as a sideboard, ideal as office storage and for complementing the reclaimed wood furniture you’ve chosen for your working space.

Tidy doesn’t mean featureless

Clutter is the stuff that doesn’t need to be there or directly correlate to what you do in your home office but getting rid of everything under this definition means you’ll create a featureless, boring landscape.

This is not what a tidy desk is all about. Being surrounded by pretty things and items you like can be just as good for creativity and focus as a tidy desk.

Open shelving is perfect as office storage BUT you need to be confident that those open shelves won’t become a dumping ground for ‘stuff’.

Industrial shelving is the ideal solution. Space for important books and files but also space for accessories that give your home office character and appeal. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from choosing office storage that is pleasant to look at. For example, the industrial metal storage cabinet from the Aviator collection is surely welcome in every home office?

Vintage and aviator style bookcase in brass

Create order

A tidy industrial desk is one that allows you to get on with work but for you to be able to ‘see’ clearly. So the printed document you need to consult or the tools you need to reach for all need to be within easy distance of you as you sit or stand at your desk.

Therefore, for a tidy desk, you need one that suits what you do and offers the simple office storage solutions you need.

Sturdy reclaimed wooden desk with drawers

A larger reclaimed wood desk with ample storage is fantastic, especially if you want integrated storage at your fingertips. Opt for a desk that offers you plenty of drawer and cupboard space.



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