No space for an office? A study nook is the solution

Oldman White Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk

More and more of us are realising the flexibility of working from home. Great for a business and fantastic for boosting productivity levels, working from the comfort of your own home is the ideal solution in so many ways.

Unless that is, you don’t have a space that can be turned into a small office or study. Working long hours hunched over your laptop on the sofa or curled up on your bed is not the best solution.

But when rooms are occupied, squeezing your home office space in can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Until now.

The solution is the study nook.

What is a ‘Study Nook’?

A small space that effortlessly occupies a small space in your home. It can be the space under the stairs or a small cubicle like space in the corner of the room. It can be the space on the landing that doesn’t have a purpose or a small part of the dining room.

It may be small but it is mighty because not only is it practical and functional, it is stylish too.

  • The Desk and the Chair

Oldman Orange Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk

    First and foremost, you need to ensure that your working platform is as you need it. In a small space, having a ‘fitted’ desk is ideal and that means ordering a made-to-measure and finished-to-your-specifications desk, such as those in our Oldman Desk range.

    A reclaimed wood desk is the ideal choice, especially when matched with an office chair that fits you and the space perfectly. Remember, comfort can walk hand in hand with stylish; those comfy chairs really can be the seating solution you need.

    • Kit it Out

    Grey Studded Adele Armchair

      How do you spend work time? Do you sketch things out or spend all your time crouched at your desk? Do you read, edit, make notes?

      In other words, do you always have to be sitting at your desk? Using the lounge is one thing, but there are too many tempting distractions there so stay in your stylish study nook by accessorising and kitting it out with useful and pretty things.

      Curl up in a comfy grey armchair the next time you conference call or enjoy the feeling of a wool rug beneath your feet on a grey, cold morning, the Atlantic blue colour complementing the space perfectly, as you set about your day’s work.

      Wool rugs are ideal for adding depth and texture to a space, as are other textiles such as cushions and throws. But to complement your wooden desk and other items of reclaimed wood furniture, you need some accessories too.

      As well as dealing with storage, you need to create the ideal atmosphere to help your creative spirit.

      Celestial Silver Mirror

      Why not maximise light, for example, with a mirror, great for adding a flourish of detail too? Candle stick holders are ideal too – pretty when not in use, or for when you want to create an air of calm, burning scented candles is ideal. If you don’t fancy an unguarded naked flame, these delightfully curvaceous tea light holders are beautiful. And in sets of three, they are the designer’s delight!

      Designed around you and your work, the study nook is ideal in so many ways. How will your study nook look?