Tips to prepare for an easy house move

brown removal boxes and armchair with dust sheet

stack of removal boxes for tips to prepare for an easy house move blog

Moving home is always stressful – no matter how organised you think you are. You may have to find a new doctor, dentists and a new school for the children – not to mention all the companies you have to inform like the DVLA, utility companies and banks…. etc. etc. etc. In this blog, we look at ways to remove some of the stress from the hard work of packing up your belongings in the house – I promise you, you will be surprised at how much stuff you have. It’s never too early to start de-cluttering and packing!

In the kitchen

The kitchen is one of those places where everything seems to accumulate – from unused gadgets to important paperwork that hasn’t been filed away. Even if you have employed a company for the packing and move day, you will still want to have a sort out – this way you will be way more organised from the get-go in your new home. File papers away, give those gadgets away, go through your pots and pans – dispose of old chipped cups that never get used. Ruthlessly go through the kitchen units and throw away any old part used packets that have been in the cupboards for a while, use up as much food that you already have in.

kitchen with moving boxes and iron board for tips to prepare for an easy house move blog

Tidy and organise everything you want to keep so it is ready to simply be wrapped and put in boxes. If you have a rustic sideboard in your kitchen or dining room you might even be able to pack some of the items inside a month or so before the move – I am sure if you have guests around for dinner they won’t mind if you are not using your best serving dishes!

reclaimed wood sideboard with open cupboard door

In the living room

Again, start decluttering wherever you can. If you have a wall display cabinet then you can pack any display items, books, CD’s and DVD’s well in advance. A good place to have a sort out are the cables behind the TV stand – sort out what you no longer need and get the rest labelled ready for reconnecting quickly in your new home.

In the bedroom

You can also make a good start in the bedrooms by donating any old clothes and packing away seasonal clothing you won’t be needing for a while. Pack spare bedding in a wooden chest….this is also a great place to pack and protect any fragile ornaments, as are drawers in a solid wood chest of drawers! You’re very unlikely to get a heavy solid wood bed out of the house in one piece so this could be another thing you can dismantle a few days before your move, leaving just the mattress on the floor. When it comes to actually moving furniture, items such as a large rustic wardrobe or other reclaimed wood furniture with drawers and doors, we suggest removing the handles and screw them back onto the furniture on the inside – this will prevent damage to items and stop them from catching as they are transported.

mattress on the floor with white covers

Top tips for an easier move

  • Start packing early
  • Decide if you will use a moving company or get friends and family to help
  • Dispose of, donate or recycle items you no longer want or need in your new home
  • Clearly label or colour code your packing boxes by room
  • Keep a folder to store utility company telephone numbers and any other important documents you might need
  • Write important dates and tasks down

Good luck! If you have any top moving tips leave them in the comment box below. We’d love to know about them.