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What are the differences between rustic and farmhouse?

Hoxton Oak dining table and dining chairs in dining room with dresser

There are similarities between the rustic interior style and the farmhouse style. Add to this the differing opinions of designers, and you can be confused as to which style you are attempting to create in your home – is the rustic look or the farmhouse style?

The Rustic Style

Both the rustic and farmhouse style feature a lot of wood. It makes sense because wood is a natural material, in plentiful supply to those living the rustic or farmhouse lifestyle many years ago.
However, if you want to achieve the rustic look, these are the elements you need to ensure are part and parcel of your design;
• Rustic furniture tends to be ‘rougher’, retaining a more natural finish, almost half-finished if you like.
• Both styles enjoy the grain of the wood, its pitting and marks but the rustic style celebrates these with an increased volume.
• Key furniture such as a rustic table or rustic styled bed frame would be made from ‘knotty’ woods such as pine, alder and hickory
• Wood is left very much in its natural state but can also be ‘distressed’, ensuring that as a piece, it continue to tell its story. As a result, many bed frames, tables and the like are made from reclaimed wood such as a reclaimed wood rustic dining table.

• Joints in rustic styled pieces tend to be chunkier, but still finished to a high standard.
• The wood used is also chunkier, with thicker cuts used to crate bespoke rustic style pieces.
Colours tends to be strong and earthy – chocolate brown and rusty orange for example, with minimal contracts. Simple yet elegant, natural yet comfortable, there is a rough-diamond finesses to the rustic style.
Accessories reflect this too. Choose pieces created by local artisan crafters, with pottery and locally woven textiles perfect for finishing the scheme. Or, if you want something from further afield, the look and field of Indian artefacts and textiles can fit well in a rustic styled home.

The Farmhouse Look
The farmhouse look is equally as appealing and if there is one obvious difference, it is the subtle rounding and polishing of the finish of farmhouse furniture.
Both styles have a homely appeal, and feature solid wood furniture, where comfort and practicality are just as important as style and function.

The wood used in farmhouse dining tables and other furniture tends to have a ‘flower grain’, that is accentuated when stained.
There is a traditional appeal to the farmhouse look, with many farmhouse rooms featuring painted furniture. The designs tend to be more complex, with detail.
Although still solid in appeal, form and aesthetic, there is a delicacy to farmhouse furniture that is not present in rustic pieces, such as the finesse of the detail found in Hoxton Oak farmhouse table, available to view in our showroom.

For colours, choose light, pretty tones such as light blue, neutral beige, or opt for the drama of cherry red with the appeal of sunrise yellow.
Accessories are stylish and functional, taking the best of not only local artisans, but national and global crafts too. Adding a hint of French style and interior design works well with the farmhouse style and appeal; the details found in French furniture work well in any room in the home, but especially in a farmhouse styled dining room.
This is our take on the differences between Rustic and Farmhouse styles, what do you think are the difference between these styles? We would love to hear from you!

The myths and marvels of reclaimed wood

Luxe Kensington reclaimed wood dining table close up sleeper

Reclaimed wood has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Here at Modish Living we supply some truly exquisite examples; we feel privileged to be working with such an exceptional material and we’re always happy to discuss the merits of reclaimed furniture.

There are a few well-held myths about reclaimed wood, and we feel it’s important to refute many of them, but first it may be useful to clarify the meaning of reclaimed wood in the furniture industry. If you’re buying a reclaimed wood dining table, for example, you’re not buying an original dining table that has simply been restored. Instead, you’re purchasing a brand new piece that’s using reclaimed wood that has then been turned into your table.

Myth number one: Furniture using reclaimed wood is more expensive

This isn’t necessarily true at all, and in fact some pieces may be cheaper. Reclaimed wood contemporary furniture can take a great deal of work, because the wood has to be de-nailed, cleaned and specially treated, so it’s not an easy process. The overall cost of many items, such as a reclaimed wood desk, may be cheaper than you would think.

Myth number two: Reclaimed wood is dirty

All our reclaimed contemporary furniture pieces are thoroughly cleaned by our craftsmen using tried and trusted techniques, and only after they have been deemed suitable does the major work begin. Reclaimed wood is often taken from old houses, so the environment may not be clean, but once the wood has been treated it is more than usable.

Myth number three: Reclaimed wood is not pretty

One look through our website will convince anyone of the sheer beauty of our reclaimed wood items, including our superb choice of living room furniture pieces. The wood that’s been used has a story to tell, and each piece has its own unique character. It may not feature the clean lines and sterile feel of brand new wood, but of course it’s not supposed to. Reclaimed wood is, in our opinion, utterly beautiful.

Myth number four: Reclaimed wood doesn’t need maintenance

Clearly this isn’t true at all. Every item of wooden furniture, including brand new wooden pieces, needs to be maintained. Wood, by its very nature, is strong, robust and can last for a lifetime and beyond, but only if it’s well looked after. Our rustic furniture will always look impressive if it’s maintained properly. If you purchase an English beam table, for example, from Modish Living you will receive information about proper care for the wood.

Myth number five: Reclaimed wood is poor quality

Our craftsmen select only top quality wood before creating heavenly pieces of furniture. Reclaimed wood is more dense than new wood because it has been allowed to grow naturally, and of course using reclaimed wood is better for the environment. It’s solid, dependable and extremely attractive.

Myth number six: Reclaimed wood makes a room look old

Reclaimed wood can be used to create many different styles, so it depends on how it is used. We supply many examples of iconic industrial furniture, for example, which use reclaimed wood to showcase modern styling. Of course, other themes such as rustic and contemporary can be created using reclaimed wood, so it’s worth remembering that it can be used to make rooms look old or new.

How to bring the rustic wedding feeling to the home

There is no doubt that rustic weddings are more popular than ever these days, and it’s not difficult to see why. One of the main reasons for this popularity is the fact that such occasions allow greater artistic creativity, in part because they are not prone to the more rigid traditions and obligations of church-based celebrations.

Saltash Reclaimed Wood Extendable Trestle Table with Extension

Shop Saltash Reclaimed Wood Extendable Trestle Table

And while many choose to base their big event in historic large barns, there are some who prefer instead to use their homes. Reclaimed wood furniture such as the sumptuous Saltash Reclaimed Wood Extendable Trestle Table, accompanied perhaps by the Saltash Reclaimed Wood Dining Chairs, will provide a spectacular  centrepiece on the day, and a natural gathering point for all the guests.

Natural Cable Knitted Throw

Shop Natural Cable Throw

As well as a splendid rustic dining table, the overall theme can be underlined further with rustic décor throughout the house. Items such as the Kilburn Scott Natural Glencoe Throw or maybe the Natural Cable Throw can be used to add extra warmth to the look of the place. The combination of luxurious soft fabric and gorgeous wooden furniture can be a powerful one.

Stylish seating is a must for all

One of the issues facing planners of home-based weddings is the need for adequate seating, but this can be remedied with stunning rustic furniture from Modish Living. Raw Light Oak Small Stools and Raw Light Oak Tall Stools will not only give everyone a seat, they will also make the room itself more eye-catching when guests first start to arrive.

Rustic Inlay Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Shop Rustic Inlay Reclaimed Wood Dining Table 

When you have a rustic table like the excellent Rustic Inlay Reclaimed Wood Dining Table, it can prove perfect for when guests with to sit down and eat, or it could conceivably be used instead to hold the wedding gifts. Thanks to the natural beauty of this particular piece, it would look just as good unadorned as it would when covered with a luxurious throw.

Bramble Flower Wooden Salad Bowl with Servers

Shop Bramble Flower Wooden Salad Bowl with Servers

If you receive an invitation to a rustic-style wedding, you may want to give a gift that is in keeping with the theme of the big day. The good news for all guests is that there’s a number of high quality options to choose from, including the delightful Bramble Flower Wooden Cheese Board, a wonderful addition to any dinner party. The matching Bramble Flower Wooden Salad Bowl with Servers is also an excellent choice. When you see the beauty of these items, you realise perhaps why more and more weddings are going down the rustic route.