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How to style a white contemporary sideboard to look at its best

A sideboard really is a staple piece of furniture for dining rooms and living rooms offering both style and valuable storage space for all the items you want to keep tucked away. However, it also provides a perfect surface for the things that you do want on display like lamps and candle holders or for hanging canvas paintings and clocks above.

Windsor Large White Sideboard

Why choose a white sideboard? 

With any large piece of furniture, white works beautifully to keep your space looking bright and open. In terms of colour, a white contemporary sideboard also offers a wonderful blank canvas for creating a contract against colour and other pieces of furniture. Go for all white furniture for a sleek, coordinated look or add it to a room with reclaimed wooden furniture for a modern twist.

Windsor Large White Sideboard with table lamps and wall clock

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Ways of styling your sideboard

The beauty of a white sideboard is that it can be paired with whatever contemporary home decor your heart desires. Go for something simple or dramatic - either way, a white sideboard is the perfect accompaniment. 

White is a great colour if you are looking to create a glamorous decor scheme. For this style, add a stylish table lamp with a large luxurious shade. If you are looking for understated style, you can leave it there but you could also add more light by adding candle holders and tea lights.

Luxe Tear Drop Table Lamp

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There are also plenty of options for on the wall above your sideboard. A canvas painting or contemporary large clocks are a great choice to create a focal point in your room. A large wall clock is a great statement piece for any room. If you go for a white sideboard, a dark grey or black metal frame will create a stunning contrast and is bound to be a talking point - the perfect blend of classic and contemporary, industrial style.

Extra Large Black Metal Wall Clock 110cm

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Alternatively, a gorgeous canvas will look fantastic for a more classic look. Our collection of canvases come in a range of style and would look fantastic in any colour scheme. With a large sideboard, you could even place two smaller canvases side by side.

handmade and bespoke reclaimed wood sideboards

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To find the perfect white sideboard for your living room or dining room, shop the sideboards collection at Modish Living or get in touch with our team.

How to choose the perfect living room armchair

There is nothing quite like unwinding after a long day by relaxing in a comfy armchair in the living room. But getting the right armchair takes more than just choosing luxury seating based on looks alone. There are other factors that come in to play, especially with contemporary armchairs.

Carson RetroSit Ebony Leather Armchair for living room

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It seems odd to start with purpose because surely, an armchair is to sit in?

Of course it is but the armchair serves an additional function in a contemporary living room. Consider, if you will, your lounge in a cold, dark winter’s evening. The fire is ablaze, and you and your partner are sitting enjoying each other’s company, a good book and the heat of the fire – so why not have two armchairs on either side of the fire?

Milano Brown Cerate Leather Club Chair for living room

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These leather club chairs are perfect for fireside in the winter, and next to a vast window to enjoy the summer sunshine too.

Space and Measurements

Our eyes and memory can deceive us, especially when we choose an item of modern living room furniture as important as an armchair – we can think that the space is bigger or smaller than it is. The problem with this is that the dimensions of the chosen armchair once in the space can look too big, too cumbersome, too small, too insignificant.

Before you go on the hunt for the perfect armchair, measure the space where the armchair will be. When you find the armchair, use the dimensions of it to create an outline on the floor – does it look too big or small, or just right?

Choose the Fabric

Next is fabric, and this is essentially linked to the style of your interior, as much as it is to your likes and dislikes. Leather is a natural material that takes minimal effort to keep clean and supple. Fabric can add colour, depth and texture to a space. Or, you may prefer the best of both worlds and opt for a bespoke armchair design which mixes your choice of leather and fabric – paired with modern rugs, this can look fantastic.

Leather Chesterfield armchair for living room

The Chesterfield shape is iconic, associated with sofas but also available in a comfortable armchair. We can create a truly bespoke Chesterfield designed armchair, complete with your choice of leather and tweed.

Choose the Style

Style is, of course, important. We have already mentioned the iconic Chesterfield design but there are others.

There is a style of armchair that will fit your interior design style perfectly.

Leather tub chairs are also popular and available in six leather colours. If you have trouble choosing – and who doesn’t? – you will be pleased to know that there is no interior design rule that stipulates you can only have one colour leather or fabric, or have to make the choice between leather or fabric when it comes to armchairs.

Gold Cerato Leather Tub Chair for living room

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Try for Comfort

You wouldn’t buy a mattress without testing is for comfort, even if it is only for a few minutes. The same can be said for both armchairs and sofas.

Why not make an appointment and sample the comfort levels of our stylish armchairs?

Our latest obsession: the best storage solution

We’ve all been there – scrambling around to hide clutter and detritus when unexpected visitors call. We’ve also been frustrated more times than we can count as we seem to have nowhere to put things. And this is why the best storage solutions are our latest obsession - because the right containers, offering the right solutions in the best style for the space are essential.

Aimee Reclaimed Wood Trunk Coffee Table and Storage

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We find the best way of getting the right solutions lay in matching the storage to the items that need to be kept – and that means taking a room by room approach. But as you would expect, we believe that no matter what storage option suits you best, it should be stylish as well as practical.

The Hallway

Shoes, boots, wellington boots, coats, hats, scarves, umbrellas… there are so many things that need to be safely stored away to minimise clutter that it is hard to know which storage option to plump for.

Rattan May Reclaimed Wood 4 Drawer Storage Unit for hallway

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We have many fantastic solutions in the shape of quality rattan furniture such as drawer units – handy for separating family things to aid with the school and work run in a morning – as well as a fantastic rustic style Winchester wooden trunk, perfect for throwing in shoes and bags to keep the hallway clutter-free.

The Bedroom

Again, there are several things that need storing in the bedroom that you will need quick access to from time to time.

Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box for bedroom or hallway

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Anything from blankets to bed linen and towels can be stored in this stylish reclaimed wood blanket box. Chunky in style and appearance, there is a satisfying quality to anything made from reclaimed wood. With wooden bedroom furniture that provides spacious storage at an affordable price without compromising on quality, you can truly have it all.

The Living Room

The lounge is the place where you show visitors and guests when they arrive and so storage solutions in here really do need to be both practical and stylish. If you love the rawness of the rustic style – plenty of wood and exposed brickwork, beams etc. – then rustic, yet contemporary coffee tables will fit into your design scheme perfectly.

Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table for living room

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The Cotswold range of wooden furniture also offer storage perfection. The reclaimed wood coffee table is the perfect platform for drinks and nibbles, whilst having spacious drawers for throwing all kinds of clutter to be thrown in and hidden – it’s great for storing the remote controls too.

The Garden

The outdoor space at your home also has many things that need to kept tidily away after a day in the sun, whether you’ve been lounging on your rattan chairs with cushions or busying yourself with the bedding plants.

Weather can damage the highest quality rattan furniture and other items made from the hardiest of plastic, metals and wood. There is also the frustration of never being able to find matching gardening gloves or smaller gardening implements like a hand trowel.

Zinc Top Aldsworth Outdoor Storage Box

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Outdoor storage is not always stylish. Gaudy coloured, flimsy plastic chests are not the only solution. Our outdoor storage options come with zinc topped lids for extra weather proofing and hardy wood to keep everything free from rain, damp or the sun – and can keep it a spider-free space too.

Storage doesn’t have to be boring – take a look at the different stylish options available and have your home clutter free and stylish in no time!