Which table top style suits your dining room best?

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

The dining table is, of course, an essential piece of reclaimed wood furniture in any home whether it’s a bachelor pad or a busy, family home. The dining table is used for many things from everyday dinner to formal dinner parties, to buffets at Christmas, birthdays and BBQs to being the place where families gather for ‘emergency meetings’ to homework, science projects, play and more.

And so it’s no wonder we consider the purchase of the dining table and chairs for some time before we make the leap to buy.

Size is important, as well as the choice of dining chair – wooden or upholstered dining chairs, or maybe a dining bench would work? – its style and shape too, with many of us opting for the inclusivity of a round dining table.

But have you considered the table top itself?

We Asked, You Answered

And this go us thinking – which tabletop do our customers prefer? Would it be the sleekness of the traditional plank tabletop or the detailed stylishness of the parquet table top?

Even though the parquet table top was attractive to some, the majority of followers who answered our Houzz poll opt for the traditional plank.

The traditional plank table top

Smooth and elegant, the plank table top is as you would expect – a vast slice of wood sanded and treated to provide the sturdy top to a dining table.

In some cases, the table top is one, huge plank but in most cases, the wood used has been put together to create the plank effect.

The pros of this style is its simplicity and its smooth finish. But it isn’t boring.

Mitcham Industrial Oak Dining Table

Take a look at the Mitcham industrial dining table, a solid oak piece that is a treat for the eyes (and for your dining room!) This table would sit well with leather upholstered dining chairs, with metal frames to emphasise the industrial style.

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

The rustic style also emphasises the beauty of the traditional plank tabletop, such as in this reclaimed wood table from the Chelwood Collection. The matching dining benches being more harmony to this piece.

The sophisticated parquet table top

Parquet is the laying of small wooden bricks in a repeating geometric pattern. In older properties, including ‘commercial’ buildings such as schools, this was the choice of flooring from many years back. Using hardwood, the wooden tiles used the strength of the pattern to hold them in place and the top layers of nourishing varnish too.

Repeating this pattern for a tabletop makes perfect sense. It adds detailing as well as nostalgia because there are many of us who remember this pattern from their favourite places during childhood.

Sussex Oak Industrial Dining Table

For elegance, you can turn to this patterned table top with the industrial style, the perfect fusion of which you will find in this oval industrial dining table. Such a tabletop deserves to be surrounded by beauty and thus the addition of velvet upholstered dining chairs makes perfect sense.

Kingsbridge Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

For a more rustic feel, the parquet table top dining table from the Kingsbridge Collection hits all the right style notes. With a slightly less refined edge to it, it too will benefit from velvet upholstered or even sumptuous leather dining chairs to support it in its place in the dining room. Imagine hosting a dinner party at this table or being a guest at one…

Which table top do you favour?