The highback armchair: making it cool again

pair of brown leather highback armchairs

pair of brown highback leather armchairs

The trend for armchairs has taken a bit of a back seat (pun intended) over recent years with the humble highback armchair in the living room replaced by oversized, overly plump L-shaped sofas and jewel-coloured velvet loveseats. But, the best thing about trends is that they come, they go and come back around and the style statement of a single armchair is growing momentum. That’s right, the highback armchair: making it cool again is coming to a living room near you.

The best comfy chairs are made for escaping it all and a highback or wingback armchair offers a private, intimate space to unwind and enjoy a moment of me-time. Carefully positioned in your living room, the bedroom or even an open-plan kitchen/diner, a highback chair provides the perfect spot to curl up with a book or relax at the end of the day and with its elegant silhouette it brings a certain amount of style to a room.

An interior classic that’s good for the planet

With sustainability high on everyone’s agenda the desire to buy once, buy well is replacing the throwaway culture. The environmental implications of buying once are well-known and a high-quality leather armchair, whether that’s a highback chair or wing chair will last a lifetime. And because of its classic shape, it is sure to suit all interior tastes. From a distinguished chesterfield wingback chair or tweed highback armchair to one with a modern twist, this iconic armchair will not only stand the test of time, but ever-changing trends as well, making it the ultimate investment piece.

How to style a highback armchair in a modern room

Elegance abounds with a highback armchair, but because a distinguished leather armchair is such a design classic, it can also sit in a modern or more rustic space. Mixing old and new pieces in a room is a well-trodden interior design hack as it helps add character and creates a lived-in eclectic mood, perfect for modern homes.

To get the right balance it’s important to be aware of the scale of each piece within the space. A leather wingback chair in a minimalist setting becomes an eye-catching standout piece, but in a room crowded with other big items of furniture, it could look cluttered and lost. Keep things understated by choosing a high back wing chair in a classic colour such as brown or tan, or go against tradition and choose a contemporary bright colour.

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