Create a farmhouse bedroom that is fresh and modern

Create a farmhouse bedroom that's fresh and modern

farmhouse bedroom with solid wood bed and wooden bed table

There was a time when a farmhouse bedroom was the preserve of fussy country cottages only, but this interior look has come a long way since its patchwork, shabby-chic days. The modern farmhouse bedroom is a much more contemporary, cooler and pared-down incarnation of its former self and works just as well in city spaces as it does in rural homes. From wood panelling for added texture to neutral colour palettes, you can create a chic, contemporary look that still has a timeless, rustic feel.

Invest in a wooden bed frame, add rustic and reclaimed furniture, and layer up natural materials, such as linen and wool, to give your bedroom a cosy atmosphere. With the right styling, you can create a fresh and modern farmhouse bedroom that will be an inviting and stylish space for years to come.

What is modern farmhouse decor?

Compared to traditional farmhouse décor, modern farmhouse is more sophisticated with cleaner, smoother lines and a simpler palette. It still brings a high level of comfort that you usually associate with country and farmhouse styles, but rather than being overly rustic and fussy, modern farmhouse interior schemes mix minimal, luxurious textures with neutrals and smoother finishes.

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas – Get the Look

Dark grey wood panelling and solid wood bed for how to create a farmhouse bedroom

Wood panelling

A foolproof way to give a bedroom an instant farmhouse feel is to incorporate some wood panelling. A panelled wall provides the perfect backdrop to add warmth and depth, especially in new builds that lack character. To keep it modern, paint the panelling in a soft neutral colour scheme. That’s not to say you can’t have exposed wood panelling in a contemporary farmhouse bedroom. Deep blues and warm primary colours such as mustard yellow and rust brown contrast beautifully with the warmness of natural wood, whilst keeping it fresh and modern. If you want to keep the space light, stick to chalky white walls to create a simple and serene background to the wood.

Texture is key

According to interior designers, the secret to making a farmhouse bedroom feel authentic is to bring in lots of natural elements and textures. Wood and rustic wood add instant texture, whether that’s rustic furniture, a wooden floor, beams or panelling. But for a modern take, bring in other materials drawn from nature such as layers of bedding in natural linen and soft wool, cushions, window dressing, rugs and interesting accessories, including stylish lighting.

Wooden headboard for farmhouse bedroom blog

Invest in a wooden bed frame

When picking a bed for a farmhouse bedroom a wooden headboard is an obvious choice. Again, this goes back to texture, the glue that holds the modern farmhouse look together. You can’t go wrong with rustic and reclaimed furniture for that genuine and natural finish and a king size wooden bed frame crafted in reclaimed wood as a focal point sets an immediate farmhouse tone. For a contemporary feel, keep other furniture to a minimum – a pair of wooden bedside tables and a rustic chest of drawers should be enough – and pick a clean and simple colour scheme for walls and bedding. Reclaimed furniture comes with its own unique personality, but to put your own stamp on the space, focus on the finer details, such as lighting and other accessories in the room.

A warm and minimal colour palette

When it comes to colours for a farmhouse bedroom, a rule of thumb is to keep it simple and pared back. Most modern schemes adopt a neutral palette, combining different shades of white, brown and grey. Warm neutrals, such as beige and tan will add various levels of warmth, whilst cool neutrals, including grey, greige, stone and taupe invite a sense of serenity. If you want to expand your farmhouse horizons, look to nature for colour inspiration to be confident the hues will work together harmoniously. Earth tones, including mushroom, chestnut and terracotta sit well with warm neutrals, as do spicy hues like saffron and mustard. For cool neutrals, greens of all kinds, warm cornflower blues and even pastel pinks create a new and appealing farmhouse style.

farmhouse bedroom interior for farmhouse bedroom blogCredit: Runo Hotel, Porvoo

Source rustic and reclaimed furniture

We’ve talked about the importance of adding texture to bring a farmhouse bedroom to life, and one of the easiest ways to do this is with reclaimed furniture and rustic furniture. Timeless and built to stand the test of time, reclaimed wood furniture not only looks beautiful with authentic knots, grains and imperfections, but it also carries with it a unique story and charm that modern furniture simply can’t replicate.

But reclaimed furniture doesn’t have to be all raw and exposed, it can range from rustic to modern, depending on the type of finish. For a more modern take, pick wood with a lighter finish or if you prefer a classic farmhouse furniture style, painted reclaimed furniture in an off-white or dark grey is a stylish choice.

rustic bedside table with drawer

Farmhouse bedroom accessories

As with any interior scheme, it’s the attention to detail that helps pull the look together. For a truly authentic modern farmhouse mood, opt for accessories with a rustic feel or made from natural materials such as wood, metal, stone or clay. Look for wooden wall-mounted shelves, woven baskets, terracotta pots and jugs, along with wooden framed mirrors and picture frames. Similarly, pick something made from natural materials such as jute or sisal when it comes to choosing rugs.

Lighting should not be overlooked and in order to create the right ambience it needs to be layered. From dark metal or vintage wall lights to oversized pendants or antique chandeliers to hang on lofty beamed ceilings, when choosing lights for a farmhouse bedroom the main consideration is to strike a balance so they blend harmoniously without it becoming too much of one thing and overly themed.

farmhouse bedroom with rattan pendant light and stone vase with pampers grass accessory

By following these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a cosy and modern farmhouse bedroom that’s perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day.