Tips to make the most of Men Make Dinner Day

Man Cooking

Recently we came across National Men Make Dinner Day, which occurs every year on the first Thursday of November – this year, that’s 1st November. Of course, we recognise that many men do cook on a regular basis and do enjoy serving up new dishes for friends and family.

Men Cooking in the Kitchen

However, if you are someone who isn’t usually be found in the kitchen, this is the perfect day to cook for the people you love. It could be the start of something beautiful (or, it could not!). But you won’t know either way without giving it a go.

It’s also great practice if you’re thinking about taking charge and cooking Christmas dinner this year!


For those thinking about getting involved, there are a few rules to get going.

Once you’ve agreed to participate in the day, you must pick a recipe unaided. This recipe should have a minimum of four ingredients and should use at least one cooking utensil beside from a fork. You must also shop for all the ingredients (bonus points if you check current supplies before you go!)

When it comes to cooking you meal, you should refrain from asking for help and should adopt the clean as you go along mentality – piles of unwashed dishes are a no go!

Setting the Table

Setting your farmhouse dinner party to prepare for serving the delicious meal you’ve been cooking is also part of the task. Pour a glass of wine from your drinks display cabinet to celebrate your work in the kitchen, grab soft drinks for the kids, then light candles and add seasonal flowers to create a fantastic Thursday night dinner which will really impress your family.

You can even root through your large sideboard to find napkins or place cards to create the feel of a luxury dinner party if you really want to go all out!

Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Extendable Dining Table with Bench

Finally, ensure to pull up enough upholstered dining chairs or opt for a dining bench and extendable dining table combo if you’ve decided to be really brave and cook for the extended family.


When it comes to ideas for what you can cook, you’re in the best position to know what you and your family enjoy eating. But be realistic – after a long day at work, you and your family probably don’t want to wait around hours for dinner to be served.

Men Cooking

Cooking something you’re relatively comfortable with is a good option, whether that be something like a simple pasta dish, or something a little bit fancier if you are more proficient.

Make sure you also choose something which won’t take too long to cook. There are plenty of recipes which suggest they take around 30 minutes to cook so even the most culinary challenged folk won’t take all evening to prepare dinner. An autumnal stew or hotpot is also nice and easy and tastes phenomenal.

Finally, make sure you read the recipe a couple of times before you start. Think about the timings of making the dish (and even write down the order you need to add things in your own words if it will avoid confusion).

Will you be taking part in National Men Make Dinner Day? We’d love to see your triumphs (or tries) if you do.