Update your living room in the warm and welcoming farmhouse style

Black and White Leather Hide Club Chair

Our ancestors from decades ago would never have considered that their practical homes, built and customised with materials at hand, would become a much-sought-after interior design style. And popular it is, with many people turning to the farmhouse style for the living room and across the home.

No wonder – warm, relaxed and cosy, there is a simplicity to the style that is easy to achieve. Why not add these twists and bring about an air of the modern to the style in your living room?

Paying homage – the cowhide armchair

Have you seen anything more stunning than this leather armchair? We doubt it. Plush upholstery matching with the coolness of leather, all neatly finished with beautiful curves and studding detail.

The farmhouse style is comfort, which makes sense when you consider the weary bones of a farming family after a long hard day on the farm. Sink into the comfort of this cowhide leather armchair after your busy day and you’re sure to agree.

Practical, comfortable and stylish – the farmhouse sofa

 Holbeck Club Shetland Wool Sofa

Practical and stylish are not always easy stablemates but there are times when the mix of fabric and design creates a stunningly stylish piece. The Holbeck Wool sofa fits right into this style – welcoming and supremely comfortable, wool as an upholstery choice is sublime. There are so many benefits to wool that a wool covered sofa is a no-brainer.

Coffee table with storage

Everything about the farmhouse style has to ooze practicality. To stay true to its origins, there is little in the way of frivolous touches in the original farmhouse interior landscape.

Dorset 2 Drawer Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Of course, we expect a dash of frivolous here and there but when it comes to something like the coffee table, practical is essential. There are many choices of coffee table with storage from this pleasantly rustic looking reclaimed wood trunk to the refined appeal of this white framed reclaimed wood coffee table with shelf and drawers. Both have so much potential, so much beauty, just how will you decide between the two?

Something extra

Unexpected guests dropping by. A place to keep your reading glasses, books and e-reader. Or somewhere to drop your crafting… there are so many, many uses to this gorgeous rattan stool with an upholstered top that it is a practical addition to any living room.

Rattan May Storage Stool with Cushion

But the natural wicker material and the neutrality of the piece means for anyone looking to create a farmhouse living room, this is a must-have.

Better still it is handcrafted, a nod to all the items of furniture a farming family would make to adorn their homes centuries ago.


Just because there was little ‘frivolousness’ about this originally, doesn’t mean you can’t add your own touches of luxury.

Detailing is important but in keeping with the farmhouse style appeal, retain elements of nature and the great outdoors.

The canvas art of the beautiful hare, with its soft stance and delightful dropping ear, would look simply fantastic.

Louis De Poortere Cameo Rug - Vanilla Dream

A flat-weave rug, with ‘faded’ colours that don’t detract but harmonise your choices of farmhouse furniture, will also add the practical warmth underfoot, as well as warmth and cosiness to the eye. Choose the right size, erring on the side of caution and opting for a large one. The Vanilla cameo rug, for example, has colour without being over the top.

The farmhouse style is a wonderful way to add warmth to the living room – how will you style yours?

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