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We're announcing our Best Sellers of the year!

We're announcing our Best Sellers of the year!

With 2018 nearing its end, we thought we would take a whistle-stop tour of our best-selling products from the year. So what flew out of the door?


From dining chairs to stylish armchairs, there were many contenders for the crown of the best-selling chair of 2018. There were two, however, that were always top of the list from the year’s start to its end;

  • Allegro dining chair – as leather dining chairs go, the Allegro version is stylishly simple but with plenty of character to match any of our reclaimed wood dining tables.

  • The Brooks dining chair – upholstered dining chairs are always popular but it seems that the detailing and rather sumptuous appeal of these upholstered dining chairs appealed to many customers.

Brook Grey Upholstered Dining Chair

    In the dining room

    The reclaimed wood dining table is, of course, the main dining room item but the items that surround it make sure that it stays the star of the show whilst offering essential storage space too.

    When it comes to the dining room, is there any better storage option than a sideboard?

    Standford Reclaimed Wood SideboardThe Standford range with its rustic charm is always popular so it is no surprise that the large sideboard from the range is gracing many a dining room across the UK (and possibly beyond).

    In the bedroom

    As well as customers falling in love with our reclaimed wood furniture in terms of the wood bed frames – and the sustainable Bahamas range – this year we have noticed an upsurge in the popularity of bedside tables.

    Dorset Reclaimed Wood Bedside

    The Dorset Collection has flavours of the coast with its white frame and plain wooden tops and details. The bedside tables from this range have provided popular. Perhaps it is their beautiful simplicity that lends symmetry to a room that makes them the number one choice for our customers?

    Staying in the bedroom, we come to a tall chest of drawers that customers have fallen in love with time and time again. The elegance of a tall chest of drawers cannot be denied which is one reason why this item is popular but we also think it is a sign in the change of attitude toward dark wood items.

    Designers are expecting that dark wood will increase in popularity this coming year and we have noted how the Winchester dark tall chest of drawers has attracted a lot of attention this year. We fully expect it, and other items from our darker wood range, to pick up the pace in 2019.

    Sleep well…

    It isn’t just the quality of the mattress that contributes to a good night sleep but the bed frame, the style of the bedroom and a calm setting.

    Standford Reclaimed Wood Bed

    All our bed frames sell well – probably down to the beauty and patina of the reclaimed wood that we use across our Collections – but the understated simplicity of the Standford reclaimed wood bed places the others in the shade. We love its clean lines but also the height of the headboard that gives it a little more of an imposing presence.

    Which of these items do you love? What else from our range catches your attention? Or will you buck the trend and go with one of our more 'niche' pieces for your home?

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