Why choose a round dining table for your home?

Hoxton Oak Table Round

Hoxton Oak Round Dining Table

The dining table is the essential element of the dining room or space in your home. But why opt for a round table? What are the advantages and drawbacks?

1 Room Dynamic

Every room in your home has a mood or an ambience about it. In the dining room, you want it to be stylish and welcoming. Some people find that a rectangle table is more accommodating and yet, there is something magical about a round farmhouse dining table that seems to draw everything else around it to it. Maybe it is the softly, curving lines of the round farmhouse table that is the key?

2 More Inclusive

For this point, we need heat out of the kitchen and into the boardroom. The rectangle table has two long sides and two shorter sides and at one end, the boss would sit; the person with the power and control. The head of the house would also occupy this space at the dining table but with a round dining table, there is no ‘head’. Everyone is on the same level so to speak thus, the roundness of the table is perfect for making sure that everyone is included.

3 Perfect for Parties

Alexandra Round Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

And this means the inclusivity of a round table makes it an ideal choice if you entertain too, whether that is a formal dinner party or an informal gathering of friends and family. Everyone can see each other, connect and interact.

4 Bunch up!

The best gatherings are those that are impromptu. The ones where someone calls as you are dishing up tea or the number of guests at your party seems to have swollen beyond the guest list. The best parties are those where people sit on mismatched chairs, footstools or balance on a beach ball. With a round dining table, it is easier for people to join in, bunch up so to speak, and enjoy time together.

5 But they extend too…

Wycombe Oak Round Extending Dining Table

It is not just rectangular tables that extend, you know. The round table can add a middle section, changing it from round to elliptical. Better still, this is offered in all kinds of styles too such as the Scandinavian design. Who wouldn’t love the extending Scandinavian dining table in their home?

6 Consume Less Space

A round table is perfect for the large dining room, just as it is for the smaller dining room too. Because there are no sharp edges and angles, as pleasing as they may be, the roundness of the table allows for easier flow, essential for the smaller dining room remaining accessible, functional and stylish too.

7 Understated Glamour

Colette Round Reclaimed Wood Table

Maybe it is the soft curving nature of the round dining table that makes it so attractive but we think there is something else. The supporting legs of the table don’t need to occupy the ‘four corners’ because there are none. And this means a pedestal leg.

A glorious column of loveliness that makes squeezing around the table so much easier and pain-free – no knocking knees against table legs! Just look at the statement the legs of the Colette reclaimed dining table make…

Is a round dining table your favourite?