How do you decorate: with metal or wood accessories?

Stag Metal Wall Decor

Luxe Elm Industrial Reclaimed Wood Collection

We posed yet another tough styling question to our social media followers. We really had no idea which way people would vote but unlike some of our other polls, the answer is quite definitive.

So, which do you prefer to accessorise your home with? Metal or wooden sculptures, objects and accessories?

The majority of our voters on Houzz opted for metal – twice as popular as wood – and our Instagram followers also opted for metal, again a choice that was twice as popular as wood.

But this doesn’t mean that wooden sculptures and accessories have had their day. The popularity of metal accessories is an indication of the current trend of interior design styles but with the right look, wood accessories can bring out the delight of wooden furniture, no matter what style you are aiming for.

Metal accessories

Another factor that may affect people choices is the time of year.

The festive season – as well as autumn and winter – are associated with sparkling items that reflect light around the home. With the night’s drawing in – by Christmas, sunlight fades by 3.30pm in most parts of Britain – we want accessories that maximise light in the home.

Antler Stag Metal DecorationAnd, of course, anything shiny or sparkly fits right in with the Christmas theme and so this magnificent metal antler stag head, perfect for wall mounting in any room, is the ideal choice.

This stag head also fits well with both the rustic and farmhouse styles, two themes you may have assumed would only welcome wooden accessories into its folds. However, both are themes that embrace the outdoors and so anything that alludes to nature and wildlife is welcome.

Chloe Bison Wall Decoration

This metallic bison head is a modern twist on something commonly associated with the deep west. It brings something different, raises a smile and certainly fits with many of the interior design styles popular today.

Wood Accessories

Wood is a beautiful material, no matter from what tree the timber derives.

But our reclaimed wooden furniture gives off a different vibe entirely. The scuff marks and blemishes, the undulations and the grain all give off a small flavour of its past, something that we think should never be lost or hidden.

Luxe Elm Industrial Reclaimed Wood Coffee TableMany interior design styles embrace wood as a component part of its theme, including the industrial style. Surprising, you may think, as when we think of ‘industry’, we think of metal and bricks, cement and tough solid features. But wood had its place in industry and thus, this rather fetching circular wooden accessory is the perfect antithesis to industrial furniture. Imagine it on an industrial coffee table or maybe a modern console table.

Of course, there is no doubt that wooden accessories fit with the rustic and the farmhouse theme (and be easily slipped into a modern style too!) but all that wood, you may think, can look too uniform.

The trick is to use various shades and timbers, as well as painted furniture. Imagine the rustic appeal of this gorgeous wooden horse against a painted sideboard in the dining room?

Andrew Wooden Horse Decoration

Even though there was a clear winner, do you think wooden and metal accessories could work in your home?