How would you describe rustic furniture?

Doset Reclaimed Wood dining table with wooden dining bench white

Whether you enjoy cosy nights in by the fire or hosting dinner parties with delicious food, rustic furniture can complement a lot of lifestyles. Rustic interior design is all about personality, giving your home that unique feel and character. Filling your home with rustic charm, whether that’s dark rustic furniture or a more lighter variety, can create a warm, welcoming space that you can’t wait to get back to after a long day.

What is rustic furniture?

At the heart of shabby chic or vintage style, is rustic furniture. The interior design industry is abundant with reclaimed wood, handmade furniture, upcycled, recycled furnishings and distressed décor. This can sometimes mean dark rustic furniture made with reclaimed wood giving an air of old age, mystery and character.

But handmade and hand finished rustic furniture doesn’t have to be dark and enigmatic to ooze character and charm. Some of the most stylish pieces and most rustic interior design trends can be finished in lighter shades of wood, paint and varnish.

Whether you opt for light or dark rustic furniture depends on your taste. Light and dark furniture both work well no matter the style of your home. Edging towards lighter shades of reclaimed wood furniture such as those in our Worcester Reclaimed Wood collection will make furnishing the rest of the room a lot easier as you can mix and match fabric and finishes more easily and create a more peaceful, tranquil feel.

Rustic Colours

Light rustic furniture finished in subtle whitewash finish, pewter and grey-green gives your space a sense of clean and fresh living, while retaining the rustic eccentricity we love so much. Country cottage style homes really thrive when filled with charming pieces of rustic furniture to create casual, relaxed beauty. The best way to fully appreciate light wood and neutral colours is to paint your space as a blank canvas; off white walls ensure that light rustic reclaimed wood and all those textures really stand out.

Combining whites and slightly darker earthy shades to complement each other really brings a sense of character and individuality to a space, and gives your home that rustic shabby chic vibe. Blending white or neutral shades with exposed reclaimed wood means you get the best of both worlds – clean and calm, yet rustic and warm.

Picking the Right Furniture for your Space

A reclaimed wood sideboard finished in off white with exposed wood tops is the perfect addition to your country kitchen. It not only provides functional storage space, but it can be home to all your favourite knick-knacks, much loved family photos, along with a great place to display special souvenirs picked up while on holiday in far-flung places – or even the local seaside town!

Choosing the right furniture for your space is very important, but it’s not the only element that gives you a home that rustic chic appearance. Complement your rustic furniture with soft textures and textiles, such as rugs and cushions, and other tactile touches. Playing around with harmonious shades and colours will not deter from the rustic charm of reclaimed wood furniture, but balance the space and enthuse your home with a sumptuous, cosy mood.