5 new creative ways to use a sideboard in your home

Sideboards are a wonderful addition to almost any room in your home. Traditionally, sideboards are seen in dining rooms but there are so many different ways you can incorporate a sideboard into your home decor.

In the Kitchen

A reclaimed wood sideboard offers understated and classic style at its best. Perfect for almost any interior scheme, a reclaimed wood sideboard will provide a practical storage solution and give a charming finish to any room with the natural markings. If you are looking for something a little more creative, a white reclaimed wood sideboard such as our Large Dorset Reclaimed Wood Sideboard could be used as a kitchen island to bring the rustic vibe with a contemporary twist this spring. 

Large Dorset Rustic White Reclaimed Wood Sideboard for KitchenIn the Home Office

A sideboard with drawers can be very practical in the office area, as it can help declutter your working space. This creates a better space to think and motivates productivity. An industrial style sideboard such as the Zinc Top Architect's Cabinet is fantastic for office space for creating a stylish, streamlined finish. The addition of three double drawers is fantastic for providing plenty of extra storage for stationary, folders and filing away paperwork. 

Zinc Top Architect's Cabinet with 3 Double Drawers for Home Office


In the Dining Room

If you are looking to use your sideboard in a dining room, we suggest choosing a style with a wine rack which can store your favourite drinks close to the dining table. This also cuts out storage space needed for wine bottles in your kitchen and creates a cleaner finish. The Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack Sideboard is fantastic with its cupboard storage paired with space for 28 bottles of wine. The sideboard is crafted using 100% FSC recycled wood for a charismatic, rustic look.

Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack Sideboard for Dining Room

Alternatively, if you need less space for wine bottles, the Riya Reclaimed Wood Sideboard Cabinet and Wine Rack is a great option - and provides lots of extra storage too!

Riya Reclaimed Wood Sideboard Cabinet and Wine Rack for Dining Room

In the Living Room

In your living room, a sideboard is a great place for proudly displaying your collections or trinkets. But they can also provide storage space for family games, films, or even special glassware you don't want to keep in your kitchen cupboards. The clean lines of the Hudson Living Chilson Oak Sideboard and the concrete resin top adds a warm industrial finish to any room and will be adored for its stylish, contemporary look.

Hudson Living Chilson Oak Sideboard for Living Room

In the Kids Bedroom

Finally, a sideboard can even be a fantastic addition as kids bedroom storage. They are often a more compact solution than a chest of drawers and provide space for storing toys, books and games. The Riya Medium Reclaimed Wood Sideboard is a wonderful option with its mixture of cupboard and drawer storage and the colours running through the wood adds fun and quirky finish, perfect for your little one's bedroom.  

Riya Medium Reclaimed Wood Sideboard for Living Room

To find the perfect one for your home, take a look at our collection of sideboards, or get in touch with one of our team members for any enquiries. 

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