A stylish desk that will make you love your job

Oldman Reclaimed Wood Orange Desk and Black Chair

Oldman White Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk

Your office, be it at a workplace or at home, should be a reflection of your personality, just as the rest of your home is.

You will no doubt spend just as much time sitting at your desk, creating and innovating, as you do enjoy family and social time, whether it’s a small office desk or a larger piece you choose. So why settle for the ordinary?

Before we begin…

Clearly, when choosing a desk there are several factors you will need to consider. Some desks for home are work platforms suited to some tasks, but not others. You will also need to bear in mind not only function but dimensions too.

If you need a big desk – go for it! – but if the room is small, it will simply swamp it, making moving around your workspace a little difficult.

With function and dimension in mind, take a look at these stylish desks…

Simple and Customisable

Do you thrive on a tidy desk? Do you covet minimalism and no clutter? If so, this fully customisable reclaimed wood desk is THE choice. Stick with the white legs or choose from 52 colours to create a fantastic piece of reclaimed wood furniture, unique to you and your office.

Dual Workspace

Oldman Steel-framed Reclaimed Wood Desk

Maybe you can spend time on a PC, followed by several hours poring over printed documents and the like.

This means you need a ‘dual action’ desk, and this L-shaped steel framed reclaimed wood desk is the ideal choice if you want a versatile working platform – a corner office desk you can truly spread out on. Still a lover of form, order and minimal clutter, this piece of reclaimed furniture will suit your love of the industrial look too.

A Lover of Detail

Barclay Reclaimed Wood Desk

Elegant. Graceful. But still, with plenty of versatility and practicality about it, the Barclay reclaimed wood desk is easy on the eye. Great for when your working area is on display to others, there is an understated simplicity about this writing desk that makes her a firm favourite with many of our customers.

With three drawers with three handles on each, she is still a practical addition to your office.

Minimal with Detail

The Trondheim desk is a piece of rustic furniture that has an appeal all of its own. Take note of the gently sloping curves, the slender beauty of the corner legs and the sheer delight of the wood beneath your fingertips.

The cube shelf on the wooden desk is an ideal space to store small items, keeping your working platform clutter free, the basis for unfettered creativity at your desk.

If you like minimalism, with a hint of the modern and a nod to the past, then this is the ideal office desk.

Loft Living Magic

There is something refreshing and youthful about the Urban desk. With it faded painted finish, the drawer space and the expanse of the desk opening to reveal a handy storage space for papers and documents, this desk is ideal for those of us that want to work clutter-free but somehow always seem to accumulate papers and the like…

Romantic Industrial

Black Iron Office Desk with Chair

This stunning black desk appeals to those with a heightened sense of creativity who enjoy the smooth touch of metal and the appeal of the industrial design. The Black Iron office desk is appealing in any workspace.

Make a Statement

Do you enjoy making a style statement? If you enjoy breaking away from the ‘norm’ and love beautiful things, then you will instantly understand the appeal of the Aviator desk… need we say more?

Aviator Wing Desk and armchair