5 Useful tips on measuring the space in your home

Beam Reclaimed Wood Bed and Bedsides

When something comes flat-packed, it often isn’t an issue to get the item into the home, through the doors and into its final resting spot. It may mean carrying it in bits, however!

With items of furniture that come readymade, there can be an issue. For example, the large headboard of a bed, a delightful piece of reclaimed wood, beautifully styled and finished may not fit up the stairs if you have a low ceiling height in the hallway.

Beam Reclaimed Wood Dark Bedsides and Bed

Or maybe the turn in your stair means getting anything larger than the vacuum up and around the corner is nigh-on impossible.

And then when you do get the item through the front door, getting it into the living room or the kitchen proves problematic because there just isn’t the space…

When ordering readymade, reclaimed wood furniture, we suggest you do the following;

1.Measure the entry doors to your home

White Wooden Door

Whether that is the front or back door, making sure that the item will fit through the door is important. Measure width as well as height, making note of steps and lips, as well as other issues that could impact on the moving of items into your home.

Items may be readymade but they often arrive in separate component pieces, especially rustic furniture such as the rustic dining table that will need its legs attaching to the table top. But still, the bigger the table top…

Of course, if you have patio or bi-folding doors and we can access them through the garden, it shouldn’t be an issue.

2.The staircase

Wooden Staircase

The staircase in any home can present a challenge when getting items up and into the bedrooms, whether the modern bedroom furniture or rustic bed, or double wardrobe.

For example, the headboards of many of our beds are large and inflexible. Thus, there needs to be the head height to manoeuvre it safely from the ground floor.

With the stairs, take note of its shape and measure the width of the staircase and the height too, important if you have an overhang of the floor above.

Beds require some assembly but the chest of drawers from most of our collections are completely assembled prior to delivery.

3.The kitchen

Access to the kitchen can be easy, depending on its location to the door we are using to bring the furniture in.

Abbey Oval Dining Table in Kitchen

But don’t forget, if you have fixed wall and floor kitchen cabinets, manoeuvring pieces into or through the space can be difficult. Some of our items come ready-made, such as the sideboards.

Assembly of items is rarely difficult or problematic. We offer free assembly on items from our Beam Collection simply because items are much heavier to handle.

4.The dining room

Again, access can be an issue so measure the doorway – height and width – and note the position of any other features or items that are immovable. Most pieces come partly pre-assembled with just the legs needing to be adding to large sideboards and so on.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

5.The Living room

It’s a similar story in the living room, with sofas arriving without their legs or castors, ready for assembly.

Charlie Tan Leather Chesterfield Sofa

But remember, any sofa, whether it is a two-seater or a three-seater, is not an object that bends! Thus, to get your plush velvet sofa into position, we will need space in the hallway to manoeuvre it into the room.

Measure the hallway, as well as the doorway height and width. Are you confident the items you order will fit through the door?