How To Soften Your Industrial Space

Industrial living room with black metal staircase and grey fabric sofas

Loft style apartment with metal stairs and large windows

The industrial style is loved by many. Clean and unpretentious, there is a pleasing sparseness that makes it a simple and elegant scheme for any room in the home. But for many, the industrial style lacks prettiness and softness. However, if you think that the industrial style cannot be ‘prettified’, think again. We show you how to add the small touches and details that give it personality without compromising on its industrial character.

In the industrial kitchen and dining room

The kitchen and dining space are important, busy spaces in any home and so the industrial furniture style is the ideal backdrop with the reclaimed wood dining table taking centre stage.

  • Make the industrial dining table special – with all the gifts that the industrial style has, our Sussex oak parquet industrial oval set is the perfect choice. It boasts the timeless combination of steel against reclaimed wood, but the patterned tabletop of this industrial dining table gives is that extra ‘something’ you are looking for.
Reclaimed wood dining table with spider legs
Hanging pendant light with reclaimed wood dining table and upholstered chairs
  • Spice up the lighting – functional it may be but that doesn’t mean the industrial kitchen and dining room cannot enjoy a sumptuous elegant addition in the way of lighting options. Pendant lights are just one solution and our Bordur white woodchip pendant light is a brilliant choice. Directing light onto the work surface, its practical function is not lost but the unique shade makes it an interesting choice.

    In the industrial living room

    The practical functional appeal of the industrial look is what attracted you to it in the first place, but it can have a touch of coldness about it. This is because many people leave out textures, assuming that rugs and cushions will add clutter to a style that does not welcome it.

    The industrial glamour look is one aspect you could adopt for the industrial living room…

    • Rugs – a staple of any design scheme, for the industrial living room, opting for soft beige living room rugs will make all the difference. You get warmth underfoot, you get the warmth from varying texture in the space and you get colour without it jarring against the style.

    • A velvet armchair – against the industrial backdrop, the leather sofa is the ideal companion but if it all feels a little flat, adding texture in the shape of plush velvet is one solution for ‘lifting’ the room from the page. Plush green velvet armchairs will marry seamlessly with your sofa, leather or fabric, and will also add the hint of glamour and sumptuousness that we seek in the living room.

    two green velvet armchairs with slim tapered gold legs.

      The industrial bedroom

      Cool, calming and welcoming, the industrial style bedroom is a haven for de-stressing and unwinding at the end of the day. The industrial style bedroom oozes everything you need but for texture and warmth, you could…

      • Opt for reclaimed wood bedside tables that are made from lighter colour woods – beech is a beautiful light but warm wood that works well in the industrial style.
      Two reclaimed wood bedside tables
      • Use mirrors to reflect light in the room – mirrors are always a welcome addition to the bedroom, both floor and floor standing mirrors.

      • Don’t forget lighting for the bedroom too – our Sassa wicker bedside table lamps introduces the natural fibres of wicker, with a hint of both pattern and colour.